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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:54

Sanwa Robotics Co., Ltd.

Development of labor saving systems such as robot systems and burrless cutting

We are working on reducing the manpower required for high-mix low-volume production using robots. One of the items that we have developed is a robot that automatically mounts materials on an NC lathe. In our smart factory business, we manufacture and sell machine tool loading devices, horizontal tapping drilling machines, and oil skimmers. In our precision equipment business, we also offer contract precision processing that includes cutting, casting/die casting, secondary processing, polishing, deburring/edge finishing, welding, unit assembly, and inspection.

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Smart factory and precision machinery business
Smart factory business
Multi loader system: NEXSRT
Concept: productivity improvement/added value improvement, production capacity improvement, automation of multiproduct variable quantity production, reduction of quality variation, and planned production
Optional unit: Chuck/claw, air blow, material dimension measurement, monitor camera, and modifications to automatic door

Horizontal tapping drilling machine: be side
Easy (anyone can use the device to process in a short time): touch panel operation and torque control
Accuracy (accurate machining that does not require skill): High-precision positioning and simple numerical control
Speedy (reasonable processing time): 1-min setup and lead time reduction

Environmental support device disk-type oil skimmer “Toru-kun”
“Toru-kun” is an unprecedented new oil skimmer.
Improved corrosion resistance reduces oil costs and extends tool life.
<Features of Toru-kun>
Large-scale recovery capacity: Toru-kun is an ultra-small oil skimmer that weighs only 1 kg. However, its recovery capacity is 4.5 l/h, which is almost the same as that of larger models.
Easy installation by magnet: Toru is an oil skimmer that can be easily installed on your current machine tools. The area required for installation is 320 m/m x 90 m/m, which implies that it does not occupy much space.
Low price and low running costs
 Toru-kun not only has a low price but its running costs are also extremely low. A power charge of 8 yen per month (8 hours per day x 22 days) will extend the life of water-soluble cutting fluid.
<Toru-kun can help you in any situation!>
Removing the oil film of water-soluble coolant: 
1. Suppresses the generation of bacteria. 
2. Allows activation of the coolant. 
3. Prevents odor. 
 The result is a long lasting coolant.
Precision machinery business
In our precision machinery business, we outsource the following precision processing. We also offer unit assembly and inspection.
■ Machine processing
Five-axis machining, micromachining, NC lathe processing, machining/milling, drilling, free-form curved surface (3D), and milling/end mill/grooving
Foundry/die casting secondary processing
Polishing (plane polishing, cylindrical polishing)
Deburr and edge finishing (burrless processing, fine edge finishing (thread chamfering))

■ Welding (tig welding, fiber laser welding).