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Latest update: 01/03/2021 17:28:58

iMeasure Inc.

Production of new products with measurement sections with images as the theme.

Our business deals with scanners, such as infrared image scanners and UV fluorescence image scanners.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content/features
Our three business areas are digital imaging, engineering network, and market-oriented business. For digital imaging, iMeasure knows image scanning better than anyone else. Please trust us with anything related with optics, digital imaging, and measurement from development, design, and manufacturing technology to color management. At Engineering Network, we can realize rapid research and development, development design, and mass production design through forming a human network with technical craftspeople and researchers in Japan and overseas who have high expertise. In our market-oriented business, we accurately analyze the market and research needs. We utilize our product planning and research and development capabilities grounded on our unique and deep technical expertise to support strategic product development.
Overview of main products and technologies
The infrared image scanner is equipped with near-infrared. Text and seals using ink commonly used in the Orient stand out vividly when an infrared image scanner is used, which is useful for deciphering wooden tablets that are no longer legible. The ability of this scanner is particularly suitable for various types of analysis, such as inspection and quality management of infrared ink, visualization of palm veins, and deciphering of characters on old mortuary tablets. The UV fluorescent image scanner is equipped with UV fluorescent light. The ability of this scanner is particularly suitable for various types of analysis, such as inspection and quality management of fluorescent ink, deciphering of faded characters on parchment manuscripts in archeological studies, and restoration of characters written using fluorescent pen that have disappeared.
Message from the representative (efforts toward developing future sales channels and intentions toward utilizing J-GoodTech)
Since the establishment of iMeasure in 1999, it has worked on development, manufacturing, and market development of special image scanners. Our infrared image scanners and UV fluorescent image scanners are currently used in the security market, such as survey and research of cultural assets and appraisal of banknotes. Our fluorescent scanner for electrophoresis gel is used for analysis of protein or DNA. The ortho scanner (orthographic projection image scanner) is used for digital archiving of high-definition images of excavated cultural assets such as earthenware, paintings, and swords, as well as an image input device for large drawings. In addition, we set up a permanent large image scanner in-house in 2017 and started a scanning service business. All our employees continue to invest their full effort in “creating new products in the subject of image from the perspective of measurement” which was the principle of the company at the time of its establishment.