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Latest update: 19/05/2021 08:58:03


We create chemistry by using glass wool with upcycling as a key concept.

We developed the world’s first technology for compounding glass wool (GW), which is used around the world, as a resin reinforcing filler.


Sales Pitch

eco maru: Detergent for plastic molding machines
Our eco maru is an eco-friendly logical purging compound produced by the world’s first technology for blending recycled glass wool (GW). This product realizes high washability and cost reduction by making use of characteristics unique to GW. 
Our company has realized a product from environmentally friendly raw materials. We contribute to efforts for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and specifically for responsible consumption and production. Glass wool is material recycled from waste glass. It is extensively used for heat shielding materials, thermal insulation materials, and refrigerator vacuum heat shielding materials as short glass fibers. Our company commercialized a product by reusing glass wool. This product is friendly to screws and other parts because of its low abrasiveness compared with detergents containing glass fibers. Fine glass wool fibers with a large specific surface area reach every corner of a screw and exhibit excellent effects. They reduce the washing time and material losses (waste). Our eco maru product enables total cost reduction by reducing detergent, resin, and other material costs. This product is manufactured by blending materials with little odor.
Purging compounds containing glass fibers may damage device parts and are used only when getting rid of difficult-to-remove stains, but this product can satisfy the need for equipment-friendly cleaning. It also satisfies needs for reducing the quantity of waste disposal after cleaning, saving detergent costs, and reducing cleaning times. It is also an environmentally friendly eco product.
3D Magic 3D printing filament
Polypropylene (PP) is the most widely used plastic resin in the world. This resin features excellent heat resistance, flexibility, surface quality, and dimensional stability. PP is used for various things around us in ordinary homes, such as home electronics appliances, car parts, toys, and sporting goods. However, it is difficult to mold a PP-only filament because of significant warpage and shrinkage. We compounded PP with glass wool (GW) and successfully developed a 3D printing filament with enhanced durability and dimensional stability.
Our company developed the world's first PP filament product compounded with GW and acquired a patent. GW-compounded PP has enabled quick modeling (curing) with less shrinkage because GW suppresses shrinkage at curing and promotes resin crystallization. This product has excellent dimensional stability, laminate bonding strength (interlayer strength), and surface smoothness. GW-compounded PP is a general-purpose resin with chemical resistance, thermal resistance, and machinability. This product can satisfy requests for elaborate, durable, and large articles.
A major hospital in Korea adopted a non-plaster cast as one of several candidate materials for clinical trials because it can solve the problems of conventional plaster. Conventional plaster makes the fixed parts stuffy and requires a long production time. This was why only our material was adopted as a full-fledged material for a clinical trial and is now under an expanded clinical trial.

Our company voluntarily manufactures prosthetic legs and auxiliary tools for developing countries. We confirmed that equipment and software had been prepared to replace conventional modeling using plaster with modeling using a 3D scanner and a 3D printer. However, this attempt was given up because no suitable materials were available. Our material is the same as the current one used for prosthetic leg manufacturing and is therefore expected to be practical. We are now promoting practical manufacturing with test subject data.

Other presentation

Our company has acquired a patent in Japan, and also in the USA, China, Korea, and Taiwan. We are now applying for an international priority patent in Europe, Thailand, and India.

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