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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:29

Mcube inc.

We excel in developing Windows applications and Web systems.

We design, develop, and maintain computer software; handle various computing technologies; process information with computers; and maintain computer equipment.

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Sales Pitch

Overview of our business areas, products, and technologies
Business areas and features
Our mission is to help you to be successful in business through information technology (IT). We all know that IT has improved the efficiency of conventional channels and promotion, and increased corporate profits. With the advent of Web 2.0, we will need to restructure relationships between corporations and customers, and between corporations and the rest of society or other external parties. We provide unique marketing and support to link, maintain, and improve connections between customers and corporations through unwavering confidence. We resolve the challenges that your clients face in various phases by developing Internet systems, site branding, and Web marketing.
Overview of main products and technologies
Our development of Windows applications involves developing data conversion tools for sales support systems and accounting packages as well as for temporary personnel dispatchers. Our development of Web systems includes development of aesthetic consultation support systems, map search systems, attendance/absenteeism control package customization, fax transmission systems, construction-purpose document control systems, and sales support tools for temporary personnel dispatchers. We also sell accounting and wage systems for kindergartens, which are designed specifically for school accounting. One of these applications is enough to manage everyday journalizing, monthly wage calculations, year-end settlement of accounts, and printing out documents required for various declarations to be submitted to authorities.
Message from the CEO (efforts to develop sales channels in the future, how we will use J-GoodTech, etc.)
We have been working since our establishment to develop all kinds of applications, and to develop communications networks, basic software and other system software in our software business. Our goal is to satisfy our customers based on our vision to "Become good enough to be chosen." Under our mottos "People are power, people are treasures" and "People are everything" we always focus on people while we produce flexible ideas and value based on advanced expertise and know-how. We continue to propose original systems that improve your business. We base ourselves on our attitude of satisfying a wide range of needs and on our performance as a group of efficient engineers in an ever-changing, highly information-intensive world. We will win layers and layers of customer confidence and base ourselves on our motto of "Tackle your challenges," and will open the unknown doors to the information society with enthusiasm. We greatly appreciate your continuing support and encouragement.