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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:13

Atto One Technologies Co., Ltd.

Development, design, manufacture and sales of electronic equipment, mainly microwaves

AttoOne Technologies Co., Ltd., assists our customers with the development, design, manufacture and sale of electronic equipment, mainly microwaves.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content and features
We do contract design, development of substitute goods, repairs, and consulting, related to microwave equipment in general. For contract development, we develop and design microwave communication equipment and microwave integrated circuits. We also support the development of substitute parts and repairs for production stoppages. Furthermore, we are also in the technology consulting business for microwave equipment and MMIC design.
Overview of main products and technologies
In the development of microwave equipment, we support everything from L-band to W-band upconverters and downconverters, L-band/S-band/X-band/Ku-band/W-band transceivers, L-band/S-band/C-band/X-band/K-band/W-band low-noise amplifiers, multipliers, and mixers. In addition, in the development of various types of MMICs, we develop L-band/S-band/C-band/X-band/Ku-band/Ka-band 3-W power amplifiers and low-noise amplifiers, L-band/S-band/C-band/X-band/Ka-band phase shifters, and SPDT switches.
Message from the representative (efforts toward developing future sales channels and intentions toward utilizing J-GoodTech)
AttoOne Technologies Co., Ltd., are microwave experts. We have an extensive track record and can support various items. We aim to be a company that can support the new needs of modern society and environmental changes. We also place importance on the succession of technology. We value the creativity of individuals and teamwork, and contribute to making an abundant society.