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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:49

Nihon Sochi Kaihatsu Co,. Ltd.

Welcome to JED, the providers of industrial X-ray equipment and FA equipment

We are a designer and manufacturer of industrial X-ray inspection devices and FA equipment. We are able to inspect internal structures and defects without destroying the object that is being inspected in materials such as metal, resin, and ceramics.

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High-speed X-ray CT scanner: CTH200FPD
 This is our latest industrial X-ray inspection device that features high output and ultrahigh speed in comparison to conventional products.

High-speed X-ray CT scanners: CT150/160FPD and CT070/110FPD
 Nondestructive inspection of objects such as metal parts, resin parts, and ceramic parts
 to detect internal structures and defects.

Self-supporting shield box
 Space-efficient structures (inside the room there is a rectangular parallelepiped)
 In-line (optional automatic shutter)
 Easy to install with a level adjuster
 Lead thickness from 2 mm

Assembled shield box
 The floor is a concrete surface
 Minimum 2 days on-site installation
 Lead thickness from 2 mm
Designing/manufacturing FA equipment
Motor assembly machine
 We assemble the parts of the motor (0.5 ~ 2.5 kW) by press fitting.
 This process uses worker-operated semi-automated assembly machines to support high-mix lots and reduce the automation cost associated with pressing.

Battery plate cutting machine
 This is a cutting machine for processing battery plates for automobile use. 
 Multiple pieces of lead electrode plate casting are stacked and then cut and isolated simultaneously.
 Lead powder and sprues from cutting are collected in a designated box.
 The cutting powder is collected, which keeps the inside of the device clean.

Hoop cut for LEDs, inspection, and storage devices
 This is an automated device that press cuts the insert resin molded hoop for LEDs, inspects the resin molded part with a camera, 
 and stores it in a magazine.

Other devices
 Large and small XY tables, crankshaft stockers
 Design and manufacture of everything from small (jigs and tools, device part units) to large devices
Industrial X-ray inspection machine
Design and manufacture of shield boxes
 High rigidity due to our original (frame monocoque) structure
 No lead exposure
 Design that complies with leakage standards demanded by users
 We offer made-to-order (Minimum two months from design and production)
 Can be used anywhere, including companies, factories, and research laboratories
 Large shield boxes can be installed in a short period of time

Design and production of mechanical units
 Sufficient performance to meet our customers’ needs
 Using high quality materials with high precision and durability