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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:12

Abel Soft Co., Ltd.

We propose optimal IT systems and develop programs.

Our company makes proposals for IT systems in areas such as business application development, server infrastructure construction, and system operation/maintenance.
We also focus on AI and IoT, so please feel free to contact us regarding anything computer-related.

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Sales Pitch

Business content/strengths/PR points
Business introduction
[Business outline]
・System development
  We carefully consider solutions to the problems our customers have, propose optimal IT systems, and develop programs.
・Infrastructure construction
  We design and implement IT infrastructure for running applications, such as large-scale servers, storage, and networks.
・Cloud environment construction
  We make proposals and carry out construction for the cloud. Examples include new construction of cloud environments such as AWS or Azure, and transitions from onsite systems to the cloud.
  Our system migration service ensures the stable operation of legacy systems on new platforms.
・IoT system construction
  We carry out the work from proposal to creation of an IoT system, including pre-selection of devices necessary for IoT, pre-kitting, configuration, and equipment delivery.
・SIC (System Integration Center)
  The SIC is a facility that combines the following traits: “well-maintained workplace,” “large-capacity power supply,” “high-speed network,” and “security.”
Appealing points
[Company strengths]
Because we are a company that offers software development and server construction work as our two main pillars, we can propose IT systems in an end-to-end manner.

Using chatbots for FAQ quality improvement and cost reduction 
 ・Cost reduction with a chatbot system that uses DialogPlay
 Having a telephone support center for customer inquiries is very costly. However, by introducing the DialogPlay chatbot system for business startups, it is not only possible to minimize telephone support and reduce costs, but it is also possible to handle inquires during nonbusiness hours. This can lead to significant improvements in customer satisfaction.

 ・A chatbot system linked with Teams, to significantly reduce the burden on general affairs departments
 Companies that have Office365 installed will most likely be using Teams for in-house communication. By linking the DialogPlay chatbox to Teams, it is possible to use the chat function for checking the department of a specific employee, find company documents swiftly, check company rules swiftly, and reserve a meeting room easily.
 This saves the large amount of time it takes to look for something. Thus, significant cost savings can be achieved while also reducing stress. Particularly, customers with a large number of employees will be amazed at the extent to which their general affairs department’s inquiry response tasks can be reduced.
Message from the representative
AI, IoT, Cloud, Fintech, Iaas, Paas, Saas ... The IT industry is an industry where various words and newly coined terms are used regularly.
It is perhaps a difficult industry to grasp from the outside. Having been in the IT industry for over 30 years, we have always felt the chaos, so to speak, of the industry.
Despite this, we continue to make efforts to “visualize the actual results,” by always focusing on the step-by-step processes that lead to the result.
Rather than grasping at the aforementioned topics such as AI, IoT, and Cloud for their use as images, or to generate a particular feel, we prefer to focus on generating tangible results, one area at a time.
With the Tokyo Olympics as one of our milestones, we aim to continue to build the trust of our customers, and take this to be the basis for our employees’ happiness and well-being.
Thank you for your continued support of AbelSoft Co., Ltd.