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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:55

Nippon Lifts Engineering Inc.

Experts of elevator remote monitoring and control system

We provide development, design, manufacturing and sales of emergency communication devices and remote monitoring and reporting devices for standard elevators, as well as remote monitoring and maintenance services for ship elevators.

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Marine elevator engineering and after-sales service
Our goal is to maintain safe operation of elevators for ships, and we offer various attractive elevator services regardless of the type of ship, such as comprehensive inspection and repair, inspections, and issuance of inspection certificates. We are capable of providing services for everything from one ship to whole fleets, and we are an authorized distributor in Japan of Korean Hyundai Ship Elevators. In addition, we have a service network that covers major ports across Asia, and we have a system in place that can respond quickly and flexibly to the ever-changing dynamics of naval transport. Please feel free to get in touch.
Main services provided
1) Comprehensive inspections
2) Load testing and issuance of test certificates
3) Performance inspection and issuance of inspection certificates
4) Repair work
5) Supply of spare parts
6) Trouble shooting (including remote failure response for ships at sea)
7) Repair work
8) Elevator safety training for crew (on request)
Service stations: (Major Asian countries):
1) South Korea
2) Shanghai, China
3) Hong Kong
4) Taiwan
5) Philippines
6) Singapore
Products for general elevators
Emergency call device “Taro 6”
Emergency direct call communication device for elevators: No.1 delivery record!
This product is an emergency direct call communication device for elevators. Depending on the unit configuration, this product is compatible with both PHS digital lines and NTT analog lines and has data transfer and intercom voice calling functionality.
Supports all intercom types
Skeleton case provides improved visibility
NIC intercom (Japan Interphone) Standard intercoms 6V single station to 24V multi station can be handled by one unit.
We have further improved the quality of the audio between the elevator and the help center.
The playback of parameter settings such as the telephone number for emergency calls has been changed from DTMF sound (push sound) to a voice announcement.
Dedicated setting software (fees apply) allows parameter setting using a personal computer.
Remote monitoring and reporting device “Sakura 6”
Taro6’s functions have been improved to reflect customer feedback by reviewing the IO input voltage. Sakura6 allows easy remote monitoring without specialist knowledge.
■ The new version has built-in PHS functionality and reduces communication using a telemetering service. Also, the wireless connection means that the costs involved in conventional wiring work can be reduced significantly.
■ Improved design reduces waste and realizes low prices.
■ Wiring work is reduced by simple hardware configuration and the use of two-piece connectors, which makes installation very easy.
■ In addition, the entire system has a backup battery, which means it can be used confidently even during a power failure (for more than 30 minutes).
■ Excellent versatility (wide input signal range)
■ Flexible expansion (RS485 communication network)
■ Required safety work can be confirmed using the maintenance alert function. (Allows effective inspection work to be performed by one person)
■ Centralized status (port status) display
■ Equipped with an output function that uses open connectors.