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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:50

Sofu Engineering K.K.

Our spin single-wafer wet processing equipment has features that other companies do not have.

We provide an integrated total solution from development to manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service for various devices suitable for a range of wet processes such as cleaning, lift-off, organic peeling, RCA treatment, etching, and development, which are used in pattern manufacturing for various sensors and communication devices used in IoT devices, automobiles, smartphones, MEMS, medical care equipment, and other fields.


Sales Pitch

Development and manufacturing of processing equipment for various wet processes
Lift-off and organic peeling equipment essential for patterning products such as SAW, F-Bar, and MEMS sensors.
We are a globally unrivalled company offering ultrasonic processing (28 to 400 kHz) for single-wafer spin processing of substrates, which was previously impossible. In the past few years, more than several dozen of our automated processing systems for mass production have already been used by various companies, especially in the lift-off processing field.

Lift-off tools can be selected from high-pressure jet, ultrasonic, megasonic, spray, chemical two-fluid, and other types in the same system to best suit various substrate conditions. This provides lift-off processing equipment with a wide process margin.

Our company’s original patent has been obtained.

We have also registered a trademark for a form of spin dip.
Single-chamber spin sheet equipment with temperature-controlled circulation and reusability of chemicals
This is a UDS-type processing system that can process various substrates in one chamber while moving them up and down to provide temperature-controlled circulation and reuse of the chemical solution, particularly in the process from chemical treatment to rinsing to drying.

It can process not only round substrates, but also square substrates, as well as chemical rinses that go around the back of the substrates, while maintaining the function of temperature-controlled circulation and reuse of the chemical solution.

In the case of one-pass use-and-dispose chemical treatment, two types of chemicals are available in one chamber. For example, strong acid and strong alkali treatments such as sulfuric acid permeate (SPM) and ammonia permeate (APM), which are frequently used in the RCA process, can be performed in the same chamber.

A patent has already been obtained for a method to properly separate liquid, gas, and mist in the upper and lower sections of the same chamber, including exhaust air.

Over the past several years, more than several dozen of these systems have been installed as automatic processing equipment for mass production.

Recently, equipment suitable for various processes is also available for automatically transferring fragile, ultra-thin, through-penetrating, hollow substrates, as typified by TAIKO substrates.
Essential scrub cleaning machines for Si, LT, LN, SiC, and sapphire substrates as well as mask substrates after polishing
Our company originally grew from small manual cleaning machines for mask substrates, so we have unparalleled expertise in scrubbing. We have supplied hundreds of units to mask production equipment manufacturers in Japan, and we boast a 90% share of the mask production equipment industry.

We have a proven track record in post-polishing and final cleaning of substrates made of various materials used for semiconductors and electronic parts by applying the know-how we have cultivated in mask cleaning, such as scrubbing technology and RCA cleaning.