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We manufacture a variety of transformers and fluorescent lamp inverters. We are able to offer products that comply with various safety standards, including overseas standards such as UL and CSA. We are able to offer trial manufacturing of individual units or more.

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Product information
 EI type, R core type, OI core type, cut core type, case built-in type, and AC adapter (product certified in accordance with the Act on Product Safety of Electrical Appliances and Materials)
Fluorescent lamp inverters
 AC power supply type (product certified in accordance with the Act on Product Safety of Electrical Appliances and Materials) and DC power supply type
Power transformer for game machines
We manufacture and sell power transducers for use in amusements and pachinko peripheral devices. Please contact us when planning production facilities for solutions such as external power supply system for amusements, pachinko machines, push button lamps, sound systems, and ball dispensing machines.
Fluorescent lamp inverters
Fluorescent lamps have a negative discharge characteristic, so a stable period for controlling the current is required. This ballast is a device that applies the necessary voltage to the lamp and controls the current suitable for the lamp.

5 features
1. Immediate lighting
 Unlike the conventional glow starter method, the ballast function and starter function have been digitized; therefore, they light up as soon as the switch is turned on.
2. Flicker cut
 As the fluorescent lamp is powered by a high-frequency current, the strobing frequency of is increased and the lamp flicker that is peculiar to fluorescent bulbs is not felt.
3. Energy conservation
 The ballast itself consumes power in the form of copper loss and iron loss. This inverter ballast offers significant power-savings.
4. Low-rise sound
 The annoying high-pitched whine that is peculiar to fluorescent lamp fixtures has been eliminated using an electronic circuit instead of conventional iron-core type ballast.
5. Noise cut
 Measures have been taken to cut noise that interferes with other electronic components.

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