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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:53

IZUMI Giken Co.,Ltd.

Izumi Giken for the research, development, and production of refrigeration and air conditioning functional parts, and environmental improvement products

We are engaged in the research, development and production of functional parts for use in refrigeration and air conditioning, and products for environmental improvement. Installing an oilless compressor in a medical oxygen concentrator, combined with the industry's first DC inverter control method, helps to achieve low power consumption and prolongs product life. We also offer made-to-order air conditioning and refrigeration equipment products that we design in-house, such as tanks and valves.

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Izumi Giken’s products specializing in air conditioning equipment
Long-life oilless compressor
Oilless compressors for use in medical oxygen concentrators

This is a highly durable oilless compact compressor that uses a special piston lip that has excellent durability (20,000 hours of continuous operation). No oil is used inside the compressor; therefore, there is no need to oil the interior, and the use of highly durable ball bearings means that maintenance is not required for a long time. As it is installed in equipment that is used in hospitals and homes, it is designed to operate with little noise and low vibration. By manufacturing the motor in-house rather than outsourcing its production, we have been able to reduce the unit’s size, weight, and cost. In addition, fine operating control is possible and a wide range of rotation speeds can be set using a dedicated inverter board.
This device is used in air conditioning/refrigerating machines and vehicle air-conditioning/freezing, as well as for gas supply equipment for natural gas vehicles and piping for railway vehicles that use synthetic zeolite (molecular sieve), and adsorbs foreign matter, moisture and acid, allowing operation in optimal conditions.
We manufacture various stop valves for air conditioning devices and refrigeration devices, and most of them are made-to-order for individual applications and needs from design to production.

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