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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:30

Shinhokoku Steel Corporation

Developing and manufacturing low-heat expansion alloys for semiconductors and FPD manufacturing equipment, developing and manufacturing heat-resistant and friction-resistant steel for steel mills

We develop and manufacture “low thermal expansion alloys” that do not expand even under blazing hot or freezing conditions. In addition to selling our products for use in semiconductors, FPD manufacturing equipment, and at steel mills, we offer proposals for scientific satellite projects from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ).

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Top manufacturer of low thermal expansion alloys
Cast steel (alloy development, cast steel, ingots, machining, and surface treatment)
The term “steel casting” refers to the work of producing molds; however, solidifying molten alloy at extremely high temperatures accurately to dimensions specified in the drawing requires high levels of academic skill. Owing to volume contraction, the dimensions change in complex ways as the high-temperature molten liquid solidifies, and the rates of such changes differ depending on the shape, thickness, and type of the alloy.
The extremely high temperature also poses significant difficulties, as the gases and substances that are generated when molten alloy is poured into a mold can cause chemical reactions at high temperatures that would never be imagined under normal circumstances.
Understanding the dimensional control and reaction theories in the high-temperature realm in advance, before the mold design process takes place, can be said to be the most important aspect of steel casting. We have 30-, 50-, and 100-kg melting furnaces for testing and research and 500-, 700-kg, 1-t and 3-t melting furnaces for manufacturing, which enable us to manufacture a wide range of cast products, from palm size to 4t. In addition, we have a partnership network with domestic and overseas foundries, to which we provide technical training, enabling us to provide a wide variety of cast steel products, including heat-resistant steels, abrasion-resistant steels, stainless cast steels, cast steel products such as FC and FCD, in addition to our mainstay low thermal expansion cast steels (Invar, Amber), as well as cast steel products for extremely high-level Nickel base alloy. Further, leveraging our research and materials recommendations, which are the most characteristic feature of our company, we can analyze metal materials that are causing problems and/or are being otherwise unsatisfactory, make recommendations for metal materials that meet the desired performance requirements, and manufacture the recommended metal materials by utilizing our foundry network. We produce deliverables that best serve our customers’ requests, from functionality enhancements to cost reduction.
Raw material (forged steel product, rolled product, wire drawn product, welding rod, and centerless polishing)
One of the characteristics of our raw material business is that we have a department that is a group of specialized engineers who can deliver value-added products that have been subjected to plastic working such as forging, rolling, and wire drawing for all metal materials, regardless of whether they are ferrous or nonferrous, and further machined and surface treated.
We procure not only cast steel products and ingots that are manufactured in Mie factories but also from approximately 10 companies that we own in Japan and overseas.

The metal materials that are handled by our material business unit are not only cast steel/iron products but also nonferrous metals, such as tin alloy, copper alloy, and titanium alloy.
We offer not only machine processing and surface treatments for these various materials but also unit assembly as needed.
In this material business, each engineer selects the most suitable processes for the manufacturing, based on their knowledge and perceptions of plastic forming and technology in machine processing and surface treatment.

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