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Sankou Seiki Co., Ltd. precision aluminum part processor

We help improve society and live up to customer confidence by supplying excellent products.

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Overview of our business areas, products, and technologies
Business areas and features
We began with drilling, threading, and other simple processing with drill presses and tappers in the early days after our establishment. We now engage in cutting with machining centers to produce pneumatic equipment parts and optical equipment parts in photocopiers in medium quantities. Recently we have also started to handle semiconductor manufacturing parts upon customer request. This is how we have acquired resources for processing spring necks, which is a special processing technology that obviates the need for polishing of sealed surfaces otherwise needed to maintain an ultrahigh vacuum. This is how we have won customer confidence. Processing aluminum in particular is an area that we have been consistently engaged in ever since our foundation, so we have confidence in this technology. We hope to satisfy customers by making proposals, supplying products, and gaining trust with our comprehensive technologies to meet their ever-evolving grades needing high-precision, difficult-to-handle processed aluminum parts.
Overview of main products and technologies
Our products include generally ground products (single-item prototypes, spring-neck processed products, processed aluminum products, processed stainless steel products, processed brass products, and processed Inconel products). Other products we handle include processed extruded products, castings and die-castings (aluminum die-castings, magnesium die-castings, and aluminum sand-castings). Our stock of equipment includes horizontal machining centers, wire EDM processors, tapping centers, and stereoscopic microscopes.
Message from the CEO (efforts to develop sales channels in the future, how we will use J-GoodTech, etc.)
We have been growing together with our customers since 1964. We have been operating around the clock since 1980 to satisfy customer needs with speed. Our motto is "A good company, forever and always." We work to be flexible to change with the times, aiming to win customer confidence and to be a needed company. We explore our potential to provide an environment where our employees can work comfortably. We are grateful for your  continuing patronage and encouragement.