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Latest update: 04/02/2019 14:26:58

i Consulting Inc.

We support corporate customers in their promotion and communication activities through a wide range of operations. These include production services (websites, printed matter), planning and execution, and promotion activities (dispensing pharmacies and other routes). 

Our company has created unique media for dispensing pharmacies in Japan, which we offer as a promotion route for seniors. We also conduct market segmentation by disorder and offer a promotion service targeting that particular user segment, which is impossible with other companies.

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We provide various promotion options using dispensing pharmacies
Our company has created a network of dispensing pharmacies that are best suited for targeting senior citizens and other health-minded users. We have a network of 5,000 stores throughout Japan, which allows us to launch large-scale promotions.
Our company conducts market segmentation from various angles, such as by age, area, gender, disorder (injury or disease), and medical specialty. We can then effectively approach the most suitable target segment for your product. 
We offer an extensive menu of promotion options. These include product sampling, flier distribution, poster display, patient questionnaires, pharmacist questionnaires, and product display installation.
Extensive menu of original promotion items
You can conduct promotional activities at drugstores. We offer a wide range of optional activities, such as distributing fliers, putting the fliers in shopping bags, or putting posters on walls.
We offer an original promotion route that includes live music venues and music studios. This route is specifically intended for young music lovers. It comes with options such as product samples, flier installation, product display, and poster display. 
Promotional activities can be held at Kappa Sushi, bento delivery services (for business meetings), and restaurants in the Shinbashi area. This range of options allows you to approach a wide range of market segments, from families to businesspeople, and students. 
Website production
Beauty-related website production is one of our specialties. Our company has produced websites in various forms, including corporate sites, brand sites, e-commerce sites, multi-language sites, and landing pages. Our creative services are provided while taking the legal perspective into consideration (Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law). 
Our company has produced many websites, especially for educational institutions, medical institutions, and food-related organizations. Our services come with related work such as product photo shoots, facility photo shoots, lighting, and model casting. Our services are offered as a comprehensive package together with security measures, SEO measurement, and server operation. We can also effectively produce catalogs, landing pages, and banners at the same time during the production process.
We provide 360 VR, drone photo/video shooting, and video production services. Customers can use 360 VR to effectively navigate within a facility or store, while drones can be used to create a promotion video for an entire facility. 

Other presentation

Our company’s strength is that we have original promotion routes that include dispensing pharmacies, live music venues, and music studios. These routes allow us to offer unique promotional activities that are not possible with the competition. Our business category is consigned software development.