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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:46

Leagic Corporation

Development and sale of built-in hardware and software for measurement control systems

We aim to develop even better and unique products through applied development in various industries based on control technology that we have accumulated over a long period, and become a unique company in the control field.

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Details of business and an overview of products and technology
Details and features of business
We develop and sell built-in hardware and software for measurement control systems. We aim to develop even better and more unique products through applied development in various industries based on control technology we have accumulated over long period be the only company of our kind in the control field. We have made various achievements in terms of the development of hardware and software. We offer proposals for a wide range of fields such as circuit design, circuit board design, trial manufacturing and evaluation, mass production, built-in programs, programs for equipment systems, and inspection programs.
Overview of main products and technology
Our SRM “regeneration + power generation” system is a motor control system in which three types of control, namely “acceleration + regeneration + power generation,” are performed  by a motor with a general SR structure. Our sensor for water meter automatic calibration equipment is a sensor unit for the non-contact pilot detection of water meter pilot rotation. This product contributes to efficiency of calibration and inspection of water meters. You can check for water leakage by placing our portable water leakage detectors on a water meter. You can measure the amount of water leakage, the water used, and starting water per day. Our support tool for debugging built-in software is software for personal computers that effectively supports the debugging of built-in software.
For matching
Since we started our business in 1987, based on our belief that “we can develop good products only if there is the optimum fusion of hardware of software,” we have focused on having an ability to develop both of them. We run our business with challenging attitudes and aspirations as a venture company. Additionally, we do not seek short-term benefits but concentrate on mutual benefit and long-term trade with trading partners based on trust relationships. We aim to be a venture company that leads logic of electronics technology (LEAding loGIC) in the fields of control of industrial equipment. 
In recent years, we have focused on intellectual property business based on the motto “only one = obtaining of patents.”

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