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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:22:01

ROBOTECH co.,ltd

We are a manufacturer of die casting peripherals and robot systems. We aim to contribute to the development of the domestic manufacturing industry through the research and development of robots for craftsmanship, such as spraying robots and ultrasonic vibration trimming devices.

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“ROBO MATE” spray robot system
Our ROBO MATE robotic spray system is far superior to copper pipe spraying in terms of quality and cycle time, and it is friendly to the environment.

Separating the valve part and nozzle in our new spray gun method has made it possible to reduce weight and increase the number of available nozzles.
An oil type option is also available, and it can be compactly packed using a common water and oil type nozzle.
Fixed spray
This was developed to shorten the cycle time of spray robots.
Updating the idea behind traditional waterfall-style fixed sprayers by miniaturizing them, improving cooling efficiency, and automating the process with robots allows cycle times to be further shortened.
Furthermore, the nozzle is a pipe, which means it can be fixed in any position or used as a back-blown sprayer.
In addition, a small solenoid valve manifold means that the device can be mounted on a fixed platen, and the use of a single hose instead of the conventional two-hose method allows improved workability and simplification of the area around the machine.
The fine mist enables efficient heat exchange and allows the liquid to flow well without dripping.
Both spraying and blowing are possible using a single nozzle.
Fixed spray commands can be easily activated from the informative operating panel.
Dilution pressure feeder
This is our original diluter.
There are two types, for small sizes (350 t) and large sizes (500 t or more), with variations such as integrated or stand-alone types.
There is no pulsation because it uses an air pressurization method.

In the past, it was necessary to remove the tank and clean the inside; however, the new dilution device we developed has 
a reed switch installed on the outer circumference of the tank, as well as a magnet ring and a scraper installed on the piston inside the tank. Therefore, this device can clean the inner wall of the tank without disassembly.
The inside of the tank can be easily cleaned by operating the external switch and drain.
Maintenance-free operation is realized with the above structure.
“Hot-kun”- Releasing agent removal device -
“Hot-kun” is a device that heats water to a given temperature inside the device and then transports it under pressure.
When the mold release agent flow control panel is set to the mold release agent line, this system cleans the inside of the tubes and blocks, by draining the mold release agent residue in the control panel and double tubes. This is done by pumping in warm water and draining it from the cassette mount.
It has a roller and a handle; therefore, it is easy to carry.
“Choshin-kun” —electric ultra-wave trimming device
Our company has developed an electric type ultravibration trimming device that we have called “Choshin-kun” and which is intended to be a total system for use at die casting facilities.

Traditional methods use trimming presses and hand-folding; however, they both have drawbacks. 
The trimming press method costs money to create, store, and maintain the molds and takes time to set up. Meanwhile, the hand- folding method is not suitable for mass production because of the manpower it requires.
In die casting, the product section is connected to the runner section by a gate and is also connected to the overflow.
“Shindo-kun” uses the resonance that occurs when the natural vibration frequency is adjusted to the mass of each part to break the weakest section (the “gate”). This principle makes for a trimming device that does not require molds or lengthy setup.
Custom-made special control devices
We design, build, and manufacture processing equipment, unloading equipment, and inspection equipment that can automate manufacturing processes in various fields, as well as die-casting related products and labor-saving devices.
We also offer proposals for convenient devices for our customers that combine parts such as PLCs and touch panels according to requirements and cost.
Special spray robots
Molding machine take-out robots 
Insert carriers
Hydraulic cylinder controllers
Wrapping robots