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Latest update: 10/04/2021 11:16:51

Global Friendship Inc.

The straight path of sincerity.

There is now a demand for secret sharing (electronic tally) technology. We created this basic IT security technology from scratch, and it has received high external evaluations. We have been expanding its market by obtaining external technical evaluations, conducting demonstrations, and building a track record of practical implementations. Our company may be honest to a fault, but we think our goal is to accomplish work that we will not feel ashamed of in posterity.

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GFI Digital® secret sharing technology
Our company features high theoretical safety, legal superiority (utility), and flexibility high enough to cope in the event of data loss. We are the creator of the secret sharing technology noted in material published by Japan’s National Information Security Center (NISC).
The basis of the technical safety of our product can even be understood by ordinary people. This technology has been evaluated by the Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology of the University of Tokyo as well as public demonstration projects. This technology has been working stably since 1999, and we provide maintenance and support services. Our extensible technology is classified as a reference technology (Technical Category A) for technical standardization. We have already acquired several patents in Japan and abroad. GFI Digital® is our registered trademark.
This technology is obviously applicable to the protection of personal information and copyrights, safety management of trade secrets, and the preservation of evidence. Typical applications of this technology are in storage, transportation, and evidence preservation. We can apply our technology from authentication data management to authentication services and information management services that comply with GDPR and support BCP.



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Our company’s strength is that we can create mechanisms that ultimately become necessary or unlikely technology on a high level from scratch. We conduct R&D on basic technology, acquire licenses, provide related consulting services, and develop and provide products using this technology. We also handle all related businesses, including consignment software development.