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Latest update: 04/02/2019 14:26:05

Narashino Kasei Inc.

We think our job is to provide packaging and cushioning materials for transporting and storing precious items without damage or breakage.

Our company manufactures packaging and cushioning materials from various foam plastics, such as soft polyurethane foam and polyethylene foam. Our products include packaging materials for agricultural and marine processed products and cushioning materials for transporting and storing precision equipment and precious cultural relics. In the field of cushioning materials we can design products using the cushioning characteristic data of each material, and not just experience or intuition. Our company has an integrated system from cushioning material design to machining and manufacturing.

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Sales Pitch

We supplied cushioning materials for storing Luther's translation of the Bible, owned by Oriental Library
The public interest incorporated foundation Oriental Library (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo) owns a copy of Luther's translation of the Bible published in 1686. We designed and manufactured cushioning materials to protect this very precious Bible from physical and chemical damage.
We measured the size of Luther's translation of the Bible with a 3D scanner. We selected foam plastic for cushioning and a bonding agent that satisfy the photo activity test (PAT) standards. We designed the cushioning materials so that even a free fall from a 60 cm height would not damage the Bible. We machined the foam plastic with a CNC router and laminated the pieces using the bonding agent.
Our company can design and manufacture appropriate cushioning materials with no drawings, even for a one-of-a-kind precious cultural relic like Luther's translation of the Bible. We can manufacture cushioning materials from appropriate materials for target objects from materials that satisfy the photo activity test (PAT) standards.

Other presentation

Business category: Foam and reinforced plastic product manufacturing (Japan Standard Industrial Classification by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

Company strengths: Our president, Hidehisa Suzuki, has successively held various posts including Chairman of the Japan Urethane Foam Association, and Chairman and Technical Department Manager of the Kanto Urethane Foam Association. His past posts include being a member of the revision and drafting committee for JIS standards JIS K6400-2, -3, -5, -7, -8 and K6401 concerning soft polyurethane foam. He has unrivaled knowledge of soft polyurethane foam and polyethylene foam machining. He possess techniques and experience in the field of packaging materials and cushioning materials, and also in various other fields.

Our company has been accumulating techniques and experience regarding cushioning materials for broadcasting equipment, defense equipment, and the International Space Station. We applied our techniques and experience to participate in the Small and Medium Enterprise and Small-scale Business Operator Manufacturing, Commerce, and Service Innovation Project (Manufacturing Subsidy) as revised in FY2013. Our theme was trial manufacturing and development of cushioning materials for storing archaeological materials and other precious cultural relics. We completed trial manufacturing and development of cushioning materials using a 3D scanner and CNC machine (NC router). These cushioning materials protected an imitation clay image from damage when it was dropped in a free fall from a height of 60 cm onto a concrete floor.

Reference: The top photo shows an example of CNC machining of polyethylene foam (apparent density: 45 kilograms per cubic meter) made in the UK by the supercritical nitrogen gas foaming method.