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Safe, high quality, and eco-friendly construction

We offer Shirasagi electric energy comprehensive systems that use the wide range of technology that we have cultivated in electric power construction. We aim to support lifestyles and industries by realizing cost savings, making proposals for full electrification, and maintaining and maintaining buildings and offices. We offer proposals for new installations, electrical equipment repair work, the introduction of new forms electric energy such as solar power and wind power generation solutions that use the power generation, transformation and transmission technology that we have accumulated to date, and for energy savings that are essential in the current economic environment.

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Shaping the future of energy based on our technology cultivated through electrical construction
Shirasagi Comprehensive Electric Energy System
Shirasagi Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. has conducted a variety of electrical and electric-power-related infrastructure maintenance works to support modern society since the company was established and has been striving to build technology for electricity and electric power. The Shirasagi Electric Energy Total System (SEES), a comprehensive technical product that was developed by Shirasagi Electric Industry Co., Ltd., makes our technology even more functional and creates an environment for electricity and electric power that can be adjusted to suit the customer’s current situation.
SEES is based on the technologies used in power generation, transformation, and transmission that we have cultivated to date and can be used for proposals for new electrical energy facilities such as new installations and repair of electrical equipment and solar and wind power generating devices, which is essential in the current economic environment. We offer energy saving, cost saving, increasing comfort through electrification, conservation and maintenance of buildings and offices, and support for our customers’ lifestyles and industries.
Promoting new electric energy for our future
Adopting clean forms of electric energy generation that utilize the power of nature is important to protect the natural environment.
Shirasagi Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. has strengthened our cooperation with our proven partner manufacturers and has adopted a solar power generation system that is easy to maintain and operates stably for a long time. We offer proposals for systems that can be used in small-scale hydroelectric power generation, which is an optimal energy source for water and sewage treatment.

[Main features of our renewable energy business]

■ Solar power generation
Since sunlight is clean and abundant, it does not emit harmful substances when producing electricity. Solar panels can be mechanically and easily maintained and managed, enabling life elongation.  

■ Wind power 
Wind power is used in power plants, businesses entities, and general households. Hybrid systems that combine with solar power generation systems are also rapidly becoming more popular. 

■ Small-scale hydro power
Small-scale hydropower is gaining popularity as a source of clean energy, in addition to solar and wind power. This can be used as an energy source for agricultural water, industrial water, water, and sewage. 

■ Renewable energy research
We vigorously collect information and conduct research and development into other forms of clean energy that are currently attracting attention.
Energy types currently being researched: 
-Biomass energy
-Hydrogen energy and others
New zero-energy buildings that are resistant to disasters
Our company has acquired the environmentally friendly Nearly ZEB certification due to our support for electricity infrastructure, which is essential for daily life. Nearly ZEB is an abbreviation for Net Zero Energy Building, which aims to achieve a comfortable indoor environment while reducing the annual primary energy balance consumed by a building to zero. 
We are making efforts to reduce power consumption using ventilation systems that use geothermal heat and smart DC power distribution networking systems to ensure supply and consumption are as close to zero as possible.