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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:42

radioplat K.K.

State-of-the-art technology for medical care sites

Our company provides remote diagnostic imaging services from outside the hospital.

Medical specialists will reply with high-quality diagnostic reports. They can also be used as a second opinion. Please don’t hesitate to use our service.


Sales Pitch

radioplat remote diagnostic imaging center
[Covers a wide range of inspections]
We have many specialists with their own specialties, so we can provide not only regular CT and MRI, but also various other kinds of image interpretation such as fundus inspections, cardiac CT, and PET-CT and AI (postmortem computed tomography).

[Easy-to-understand fee structure]
The fee for each inspection is based on the type of inspection and the number of images.
Unlike other companies, we have no separate charges for each site if an image covers multiple sites. One inspection, one fee! One price per inspection, even if it covers more than one site!

[Multiple systems are supported]
We work with multiple system companies. We can propose a system that meets your needs as a requesting hospital. We also offer various fee plans for system companies. First, please feel free to contact us.

[Image interpretation where the other party is visible]
Remote image interpretation tends to hide the presence of the physician who interpreted the data from the requesting hospital, but we have established a point of contact for inquiries via telephone or e-mail to the specialist who actually interpreted the data.
Re-interpretation requests are also available at no additional charge.
We provide high-quality diagnostic imaging reports
[Careful image interpretation]
There is a limit to the number of cases that can be handled by a single image interpretation physician in a day. On the other hand, we do not have a lower limit (quota), so our image interpretation specialists take the time to read each case carefully.

[Matching with specialist physicians]
The specialty of each image interpretation physician is registered as their area of expertise. We have physicians with various specialties.
We match the requested inspection with an image interpretation physician who specializes in that particular area, so we can provide more specialized image content.

[We also support comparative interpretation]
If you send us the past images of the patient in question at the time of a request, we will perform comparative image interpretation with the past inspections.
Please note that the number of images from previous inspections will not be counted toward the fee.

[Full support even after image interpretation]
Requests for re-interpretation are free of charge. You can also request a change in the assigned image interpretation physician.
In addition to requests for re-interpretation, we also accept questions about the content of an image interpretation.

[Photography consultation is also available]
We can also provide photography guidance and protocols.
First, please feel free to contact us!