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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:44

Koyo Co.,Ltd.

We solve your problems through support for the design and development of springs.

Since our foundation, we have produced various types of wire and plate springs for more than 50 years, allowing us to accumulate know-how on the utilization of spring mechanisms. We are especially good at proposing mechanisms for purposes such as "fastening" and "tightening". Therefore, please feel free to contact us. Our products have been used for many years in fields where the standards are high, such as the gas water heater industry and the automobile industry. Thus, we have confidence in the quality and safety of our products.

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Quick fasteners
Quick fasteners are used for connecting connection joints for water-supply pipes, hot-water pipes, drainpipes, etc. They can be easily and conveniently attached and removed with a single touch. We guarantee security, safety, and finally quality by utilizing the technologies and usage track record that we have accumulated, and by applying capabilities for developing original crafting techniques. We are able to design quick fasteners that comply with users' specifications.
Quick fasteners with a resin cover
There were concerns that the safety of quick fasteners with exposed metal surfaces is not enough in places such as toilets and water sections where the fasteners are touched by humans after construction. 
Accordingly, Koyo, K. K. developed a quick fastener with a resin cover while considering safety. 
Since quick fasteners with a resin cover can be attached with a single touch, they can be easily attached in intricate spaces and are suitable for work around pipes. In addition, since a click sound is generated during attachment, false installation can be prevented.
Plate springs
Plate springs play important roles for various products and are used in a wide range of categories.
Koyo, K. K. designs and processes plate springs with shapes tailored to specifications and use applications. Most of the plate springs are custom-made products. 
If you have any troubles concerning springs, please contact Koyo, K. K.
Wire springs
"Helical compression springs" are the basic type of springs that use their resilience which is generated when they are compressed.
Koyo, K. K. mainly produces precision helical compression springs such as valve springs for controlling pressure.
Wire-processed products
We simply say wire-processed products. However, their shapes vary depending on the application, and they are variously incorporated in products. Well-known products such as S-hooks and C-shaped rings are categorized in this field. Koyo, K. K. produces a variety of wire-processed products.



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