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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:50

Sanuki Menki Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer that produces all types of noodle maker, from small models for shops to large-scale fully automated systems. 

We manufacture noodle makers for udon, soba and ramen.  Our noodles, particularly those produced using our high-hydration (handmaking type) noodle makers, have been adapted by many specialized shops, supermarkets and convenience stores.  We offer proposals for ideal noodles, store layouts, and desired production capacities.

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Product introduction
Small noodle making machines
With right and left wings, we recreate the principle of authentic hand mixing.  The noodles are provided firmness through the kneading and stretching effects of the uneven roller and the structure of the machine faithfully recreates the principle of making angled cuts while pulling when cutting the noodles.  The right amount of roughness in cutting brings out subtle tastes.
Large noodle making machines
We manufacture made-to-order products for each factory. 
Our products provide high quality noodles to noodle factories, frozen noodles faculties and the central kitchens of many restaurant franchises, helping them to expand their businesses.  We have created many big hit products and products with added value that is achieved through clear differentiation, including frozen sanuki udon noodles, which were a truly big hit, noodle cooking facilities for convenience stores, and fresh noodles/boiled noodle facilities all over Japan.  In addition, we have many accomplishments in the mass production of high quality noodles that we have achieved by connecting an inversion type fully automated caldron.  Using this facility, it is possible to label your products as "sanuki" and "handmade (style)" regardless of where in Japan they are produced.
It is also possible to produce high quality 100% buckwheat soba with full automation. 
Neri machines (kneader pin mixers)
Traditionally, artisans of hand kneading and hand rolling say "the quality of a noodle is determined by its kneading". This kneading machine was developed for that reason. 
[About vacuum kneading]
While it is common in large facilities, it is not widely used in restaurants.  The quality will noticeably improve when compared with using common mixers. 
[Principle of mixing/swelling of gluten]
Hand mixing is a step in which slow mixing and kneading is performed at the same time.  The fact they are performed at the same time is important. By recreating the true principle of hand mixing using right and left mixing wings, perfect hydration and extraction of gluten are achieved, ensuring the absolute perfection of kneading. 
[Perfect hydration and gluten swelling]
In addition to mixing, the mixer also maximizes the extraction of gluten through swelling.  The two mixing wings hold the noodle dough firmly and knead it.  In this process, the solution first makes gluten swell and form into a network. 
Noodle school
We also operate a noodles school where specialized lecturers teach everything involved in both the making of udon/ramen noodles and business expertise, including how to make noodles, how to prepare broth and soup, business styles, and how to procure materials. 

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