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We offer reliable and safe distribution and control boards from Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku

We design and manufacture cubicle-type high-voltage power receiving equipment, distribution panels, distribution boards, power panels, automatic control panels, FA equipment, mechatronic equipment, electronic control systems, and CPU application products.

We can handle both analog and digital aspects of both hardware and software, from strong to weak power fields.

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Technology development department
The need for electricity will become even greater in a wide range of fields in the future, from power, lighting, temperature regulation, control, and so on, as a supporter of the IT society. Our technology development department is constantly taking on the challenge of accurately grasping these needs and providing our customers with even better products.
Sheet metal and coating departments
Our sheet metal and coating departments are the departments that manufacture housings. We believe that a housing is not just a container. It is an important element that protects a product from the outside, and at the same time affects the operability and safety of the product, as well as the aesthetics and psychological effects of the place where it is installed. We produce high-quality housings by paying attention to the material and structure in sheet metal, and to the surface preparation and coating material in coating.
Assembly and wiring department
Electrical wiring has different thicknesses and materials, and from large currents to supply power to minute signals for information transmission, it runs through electrical equipment like arteries at times, and like a nervous system at other times. We strive to maximize the required functions even for just a single wire.
Main products
Assessment by the Public Buildings Association
Panel boards (including office automation boards and experimental boards)
Control boards
Cubicle-type distribution boards
High-voltage switch gear (CW type, JIS-C4620)
Cubicle-type emergency power source dedicated power receiving equipment (PF-S type: 150 kVA)
JEA Emergency Use Power Distribution Board Accreditation Committee
Class 1 heat-resistant distribution boards and panel boards (special-purpose, common, exposed)
Class 2 heat-resistant distribution boards and panel boards (special-purpose, common)
Government and general establishments
Power boards
Control boards
Monitoring equipment
Neutralizer control boards
Central monitoring control boards
Energy-saving equipment power boards
Instrumentation telemeter boards
Automatic notification systems
Automatic conveyance control systems
Water treatment equipment control boards
Water purification system control boards
Cost management systems
Overhead crane control boards (wireless operation)
Automated robot control systems



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