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Latest update: 05/02/2020 14:39:59

I.P. Co.,Ltd.

With apply our creativity to help the world produce food for itself

We manufacture and sell large incubators, related labor-saving equipment, and special freezers/coolers. We have a track record of incubator sales ranking number one in the category of large incubators in Japan. Our products have long been cherished by numerous users. Our cold-water circulation chillers for gutted carcasses enable efficient cooling, which helps factories save energy, labor, and water.

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Sales Pitch

We do business mainly in Asia, which is experiencing remarkable population growth
Our large incubators cut running costs for incubation centers
We introduce automatic temperature control based on heat from mature eggs. This controls total power consumption for incubation, which saves energy and thus keeps down running costs for incubation centers.


- Control of heat from mature eggs
Heat from eggs themselves (heat from mature eggs) in the latter period of incubation is used to heat eggs in the earlier period of incubation. A temperature/humidity sensor and a return temperature sensor are installed to control the temperature in the incubators.

- Air circulation system
Ideal air circulation has also improved temperature circulation.

- Stable temperature control
We have introduced automatic temperature control based on heat from mature eggs to control total power consumption for incubation. This saves energy, which keeps down running costs for incubation centers.
We promote mechanization in incubation centers, which saves labor
- Chick counters
These units measure chicks and put them in boxes.

- Basket cleaners
These units clean baskets used in hatchers.

- Chick identifiers
These units identify the sex of chicks flowing onto a table.

- Container cleaners
These units clean chick containers used in transporting hatching eggs.
Cooling water circulation chillers
- Freezing point chillers
Compliant with refrigerant R404A. These large water chillers can supply cooling water at 0.5 °C. 

[Main uses]
- Precooling and cooling poultry carcasses
- Precooling and cooling processed foods

- Efficient cooling system
This system features direct circulation and can cool liquids whether they contain foreign matter or not. It supplies cooling water at 0.5 °C.

- Hygienic design
The cooling piping and the portions in contact with water are made of stainless steel. The cooling piping is easy to clean and protects the inside from soiling.

- Space-saving
Rationally designed to minimize its footprint. It comes with a power control panel as standard equipment.

- Labor-saving
The system is timed to allow it to run automatically.

Our cooling water chiller is widely used. It also enjoys a track record of cooling foods such as cooling hot-packed tofu, and cooling mass concrete such as in the base works of the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge.

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