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Latest update: 09/06/2022 14:00:16


Contribution to the resolution of SDGs problems through manufacturing
 - 1st STAGE: Food loss and waste "ZERO" mission

Launched our own brand "XEN" to achieve the SDGs. We have developed and commercialized "X-Charge unit (Food Heat Exchanger)" which maintains the freshness of food, and the "X-Dry unit (Food Drying Machine)" which upcycles food loss and waste. We offer an integrated production system of processing, welding, painting, assembly, and installation.

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Our own brand "XEN" which aims to achieve SDGs
X-Charge unit (Food Heat Exchanger)
Food Heat Exchanger: A device that maintains the freshness of food with innovative technology and leads to the reduction of food loss and waste.
 This device directly removes heat from the food itself and precisely controls the temperature within the range of -0.1°C to -1°C, where ice crystals do not form despite the minus temperature. This temperature control technology (patent pending) allows for a state of "thermal equilibrium" in which the temperature inside the food is uniformly maintained. In a state of thermal equilibrium, the moisture content of the food is stabilized, leading to the preservation of freshness. The moisture stabilization prevents the growth of ice crystals even when frozen.
X-Dry unit (Food Drying Machine)
Food Drying Machine: A device that contributes to the SDGs through upcycling.
Most of the food loss and waste discarded by food factories contains a lot of water, and most of them is disposed of due to deterioration of quality. Food Drying Machine not only upcycles the waste into edible food, but also makes effective use of the waste by converting it into animal feed and reducing the volume to reduce the cost of disposal. High thermal efficiency allows for fast drying. No burning and the equipment can be cleaned in place for hygiene.
Our strengths
Multi-factory that have established an integrated system for the development and manufacture of machinery and equipment
We are able to offer an integrated production from machine development to machining, welding, painting, assembly, and installation.
A food machinery manufacturer that can make optimal proposals to customers
Based on the know-how of operating our own food factories, we can propose the optimization of the entire food processing process through automation, as well as the introduction of equipment that considers yield, energy saving, and labor saving.


Last update:31/01/2022

Other presentation

【SLOGAN】 Enrich the world with MONOZUKURI

The earth's rich natural environment is facing a critical situation due to human activities.
Human life has developed dramatically and become more convenient with the spread of the Internet. However, it is no exaggeration to say that this development has, in turn, accelerated the deterioration of the earth's environment.
In order to create a sustainable society while regaining the global environment as it was in the past, we think it is important for the whole world to cooperate with each other while reviewing human activities once again.

Now that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been set and human activities on the earth are being reviewed, what we can do is to provide added value by utilizing the manufacturing technologies we have cultivated as a Japanese company. How do we make the most of limited global resources and limited time?
First of all, we would like to embody the Japanese word "MOTTAINAI".

Our theme is "MOTTAINAI Engineering".
By pursuing manufacturing with advanced technology and providing it together with services, we propose the optimization that allows the earth and people to coexist.

【Message from CEO】
With gratitude for the relationships we have had, and with sincerity for the relationships we will have.

For 55 years since our company was established, we have spent our time in metal processing.
As a result, we have grown to handle the development, design, manufacturing, and construction of industrial machinery, and have been able to build an in-house system. While improving our manufacturing technology, we have been able to make a lot of relationships and have gained invaluable colleagues. I feel that we have finally reached the starting point as a company.

What supports the growth of our company is the "heart" of every one of our employees.
I would like to work while having more fun with these colleagues! This is the greatest desire I seek. This strong desire is the driving force behind our business expansion.

In 2022, we have started with a new company name, XEN GROUP Inc.
XEN means the best, and GROUP stands for trust within and outside the company.
I believe it is important for us to take the initiative in order to respond to the world's problem solving with speed. This may be a small resolution by a small company, but I will do my best to express it with my colleagues until it reaches your hearts.

・XEN BRAND Business
 Development of a business model for achieving the SDGs based on manufacturing.
・MACHINE Business
 A multi-factory that has established an integrated system for the development and manufacture of machinery and equipment.
・FOOD Business
 A model factory that uses machinery and devices to create added value.
・AGRI Business
 By pursuing sustainable agriculture, we aim to revitalize local communities.

・Authorized as “The Driving Company for the regional future” by Japan’s Ministry of Economy
・The 11th Nippon New Business Creation Award, Entrepreneur Category, Special Prize
・Takamatsu City Business Award for Good Local Support Company

This company is recommended by the following support organizations.

Shikoku Head Office, SMRJ