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Latest update: 02/09/2022 19:03:24

HI-PLA Co., Ltd.

We are a pioneer of waste plastic recycling.

We can revitalize your waste plastic. We specialize in plastic recycling and use all collected and waste plastic brought in as a material resource that can be reused.

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Converting recycled plastics and waste plastic into resources.
- For companies discarding plastic
Plastic that you have simply discarded can be converted into resources.
We purchase and collect plastic (manufacturing waste, films, cases, pallets, containers, etc.) that are discarded, and recycle them as materials for the next product manufacturing.
Discarding companies can reduce costs as we buy up or collect their waste plastic free of charge.
In addition, our purchase and collection services can be used as a measure for the Zero Waste Movement and may increase your corporate value.
- We can process recycled pellets and return them to you.
We will take away your plastic waste to our facilities,  recycle it as materials and return the recycled materials to you.
We strictly control your waste plastics and avoid mixing it in with other customers’ waste. We maintain the safety and security of your waste plastic as a reliable resource.
- For companies manufacturing plastic products
Material recycling of waste plastic

Our recycled pellets are valuable products that have received CFP (Carbon Footprint of Products) certification.
They can be added to virgin materials or used as an alternative.
CO2 reduction is also indicated through the use of our products.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Message for overseas companies
We deliver Japan quality to you.
Based on our experience and technology we have acquired for many years, we make selection mainly from discarded clean plastic materials and unused plastics discharged from factories in accordance with the purpose of use such as molding, blowing and injection. We help you to have better recycled materials. Please contact us for international trade. We have a full-time staff who can respond to your requests for trade.

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