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Latest update: 13/09/2022 14:17:37

Kansai Material Corporation.

KM for heavy-duty anticorrosion

We are a company that specializes in heavy-duty corrosion protection construction for steel structures.
Our goal is to be a company that contributes to society by offering finished quality that meets the requirements of our customers using the high technology and experience that we have accumulated and ensuring that construction is performed by qualified personnel.

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Sales Pitch

Please contact us for heavy-duty corrosion protection of steel structures.
Factory work capable of high-quality finishes
At our company, we apply various coating methods, from surface preparation onward, with consistent craftsmanship in our weather-proof factory.
Foundation adjustment through grid blasting
Blasting can be done with a grid that gives specified degrees of roughness, and the inner surface of steel pipes can also be constructed using a rotary blasting machine.
Certified by Japan Water Works Association
Our technology means our factory is a Japan Water Works Association approved inspection facility
Offered anticorrosion methods
At our company, we offer heavy corrosion protection to C-based and S-1 based specifications using inorganic zinc-rich paint and rust stabilization treatment for weather-resistant steel materials, which have been increasing in popularity in recent years, as well as ordinary air spray machines and rotation coating.
 Bridges: C system, I system, and stabilization treatment
 External water pipe bridges: S-1 series
 Inner surface of water pipes: Solvent-free epoxy resin
 Agricultural/industrial water steel pipe inner surfaces; Liquid epoxy resin
[Demand areas]
 Electricity and power
 Pneumatic pipes
 Steam piping
 Water supply; water for agricultural/industrial use
 Water management bridges
 Buried pipe (inner surfaces)
 Steel structures
 Bridges and pedestrian bridges
 Dam gates, standard
 LPG tanks, fittings
Thermal spraying
Our company handles processing that ranges from sealing treatment to top coating. We prepare base materials using a grid blasting method that attaches a stable anchor, and we perform thermal spraying using various items of equipment such as flame sprayers and arc sprayers that are compatible with JIS construction methods.
[Type of wire]
 Zn/Al (94/6, 85/15)
 Al (100%)
 Al/Mg (95/5)
 Others (non-ferrous metals)
[Demand area]
 Water, water for agricultural/industrial use
 Water bridge: KY-A, KY-ZA, KY-AC, and KY-ZAC
 Steel structures
 Steel tower
 Control panel, power distribution box
 Transformer case
Resin linings
Our company can construct buried pipes and steel sheet piles, using high viscosity airless spray machines with ultra-thick film type epoxy resin and vinyl ester resin with glass flakes, and binary-liquid mixed hot airless sprayers exclusively for solvent-free usage.
 Polyurethane coating
 Urethane elastomer coating
 Super high build epoxy resin
 Glass flakes vinyl ester resin 
[Demand area]
 Electricity and power generation
 Water intake
 Cooling water piping
 Water, water for agricultural/industrial use
 Buried pipe (outer surface)
 Steel structures
 Sheet piling, steel pipe pile

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