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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:52

RINGS Co., Ltd.

Investing advanced prototype modeling technology into medical devices. 

We use trial manufacturing to contribute to reductions of development lead time and to offer continuous improvement for our customers.  We invest our full energy into reducing development periods. 

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Transparent product trial manufacturing
We produce prototypes of transparent products in ABS, polycarbonate (PC), vinyl chloride and acrylic materials. 
We can produce transparent products in materials other than acrylics, for instance by improving the transparency of trial manufacturing in PC/ABS/PVC. 
We can accommodate needs such as transparent products made from materials that are suitable for mass production or from materials with superior heat or shock resistance. 
The major benefit of making your product partially, or entirely, transparent is that it allows visual monitoring of internal interference and movement.  On the other hand, foreign matter and scratches will be more visible in the product. This means that it requires advanced skill and precision.  (Also, most resin cutting companies tend not to want to accept orders for this due to the material stocks or the risk of defective products, which can occur easily.)

Moreover, as production in acrylic has become mainstream owing to material-related causes, there have been cases where prototypes are made in transparent acrylic first and then made again in resin to conduct strength, heat resistance, and shock resistance tests when transparent prototypes were needed.  RINGS Co., Ltd., has acquired the technology to manufacture transparent products using materials other than acrylic, thereby eliminating this double work. 

When using materials other than acrylic for transparent products, it often results in a slightly cloudy color.  However, RINGS Co., Ltd., improves transparency using its special coating.  This process can easily result in cracking; therefore, it has acquired the expertise to improve transparency without breakages through many pieces of trial manufacturing. 
Medical device manufacturing
RINGS Co., Ltd., supports ideal medical devices and cases for your purpose/site from the "design" stage. 
“I want to produce medical equipment or cases for medical devices, but I'm not sure which material to use.”  “I want to know what is the best case for my work site.”  If you have these types of issues, please feel free to contact us. 
The first requirement in medical equipment manufacturing is to use materials that can withstand autoclaving.  In the medical field, it is important that materials are nontoxic and hygienic. However, depending on the sterilization method, whether it is the ethylene oxide method, autoclaving, or the radiation method, the usable material changes.  Moreover, biocompatibility is sometimes required of the materials.  The condition changes depending on the situation/purpose at each site where the medical equipment is used.  Furthermore, depending on the site, the grade and specifications of necessary sterlization/disinfection may change, thereby also changing the usable materials. 
RINGS Co., Ltd., proposes the best manufacturing design that considers everything from purpose and material properties to ease of procurement.  Even if you are producing medical equipment for the first time, our highly experienced staff will accommodate you with care. 
Plastics processing
With the accomplishments and technical capabilities that we have acquired through long years of experience, RINGS Co., Ltd., can solve our clients' problems as a leading company in the field of machine processed plastics and resins.  We lead the plastics/resins machining industry through our focus on precision and speed. 
RINGS Co., Ltd., is a company that supports machine design, modeling, and trial manufacturing, which are the most important elements of product development. The production of trial manufacturing is essential when manufacturing products.  
Together with the "design model" of appearance and "mechanism model" of parts to be embedded, examination before shifting to mass production is an important step when verifying the concept of the designer. 
We believe that one cannot offer truly meaningful support in this important step unless one fully understands the concept and the sensibility of each customer, in addition to understanding quality and precision. 
RINGS Co., Ltd. conducts faithful dimensional tolerance checks at the middle and the end of the process with an overall understanding of the meaning of each piece of trial manufacturing to provide products that are reliable in both appearance and precision. 
Based on our experience in providing support for development in a diverse range of fields, we can guarantee that our products, which are completed using high-end technologies that incorporate new knowledge, will provide reliability and satisfaction to our customers. 

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