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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:49

Kyowa Metal Industry co.,ltd.

We use our technology to contribute to society.

We are a specialized manufacturer of hardware and offer construction of civil engineering machinery used in electric power generation and various types of plant construction. We contribute to society through our consistent quality control and the thorough safety measures that we have implemented in all of our work from production to construction sites and maintenance.

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Our most valuable assets are the technology, experience, and the expertise that we have accumulated over many years. We strive every day to improve our skills to meet any need.

Quality control and thorough safety measures that are consistent from the production factory to the construction site and during maintenance is an important technical capability for reliable work.

Filtration towers
Smoke control towers
Ash separation tanks
Cut gate type hoppers
Cake storage hoppers
Screw feeders
Horizontal conveyors
Inclined conveyors
Screw conveyors
Sludge scraping machines
Original dust baskets
Exhaust ducts
Pipes for water purification plants
Piping for air diffusers
Stainless steel inspection stands
Boxes for drying washing
Drain pots
Cake pumping pipes
Center domes
Φ1400 caster ducts
Deodorization towers
Gate doors
Gate door stops
Water control gates
Blackout plates
Boiler outlet ducts
Deodorizing ducts
Sludge distribution tanks
30 m belt conveyors
Conveyor slide covers
Carrier outflow prevention plates
Aeration devices

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