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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:14


Designing and producing original goods, novelty items, and so on

We perform all production processes ranging from design to clay sculpture, metal molds, and production in our company. We mainly perform high-mix low-volume production to produce key chains, pin badges, company emblems, tiepins, medals, flags, trophies, round badges, other metal worked products, and so on. By rationally streamlining the production, we produce and sell approx. 500,000 medals or badges every month. We meet various requirements from clients and produce original goods, novelty items, competition mementos, gifts, and so on.    

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Product introduction
Company and school emblems
While mainly producing company and school emblems, KATSURAKISYO produces various metal worked products, polyethylene products, and so on. There are various shapes and processing methods for company and school emblems. By meeting clients' needs and special requirements, we provide the product that is the only one in the world. 
Pin badges
Badges are widely used as fashion items and items for events, promotion, etc. that include promotional goods and novelty items. Thanks to the techniques of our craftspersons and to our original know-how, KATSURAKISYO guarantees to provide finished products that satisfy clients in terms of design and other aspects.
Around the world, medals have been used as symbols of victory, glory, and honor since ancient times. KATSURAKISYO has so far produced a variety of medals. We propose the medal which will suit your purposes, commemorate an event or the like, and be finished to the highest standards. 

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