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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:46

Toushin Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Total coordinator of industrial machine control systems

We engage in the business of control systems in which we develop, design, produce, and build industrial control equipment, and in the business of electric insulation work. As social situations significantly change, productivity improvement such as energy saving and automatization has become more and more important. We, a consistent total coordinator of industry machine control systems and electric insulation work, are constantly constructing new systems, developing technologies, and pursuing high-quality construction to provide products and services that fit the new era.

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Control system business
Designing and producing control panels
Mainly dealing in control panels equipped with a sequencer, we develop sequence software for a wide range of systems, perform wiring work, and do a trial run of the control panel at the site. For the control of systems and equipment such as transportation systems, looms, and various processing machines, we have established a system in which skillful engineers can collectively fulfill clients' orders. 
Designing and producing microcomputer circuit boards
By using a microcomputer, we design, develop, and produce various control boards. We mainly develop OEM products of clients on a contract basis and mainly produce them in small lots. The greatest merit of using a microcomputer is the establishment of a system as a black box. This method is applied to relatively small systems. We have actually delivered a lot of pieces of equipment incorporating control boards developed by us.  
Designing and producing software
We are good at linking a PC with a sequencer. In recent years, the processing capability and functions of sequencers have greatly improved. However, when it comes to managing unwieldly data, connecting to the host computer, reporting the operation result of an industrial machine to the host computer, and performing complex arithmetic processing, PCs are still the most advantageous. Adding an industrial PC to solutions allows for the establishment of a value-added system.
Electrical work business
Our electrical work business covers a variety of fields such as general electric insulation work, electric insulation work for solar power generation, electric instrumentation work for plant equipment, work on control systems in transformer substations or power plants, and work on high voltage receiving equipment. Furthermore, in recent years, we have undertaken a lot of public works. Since workers qualified for electrical work perform the above tasks, please trust us to do the work you require. If you have any trouble about electricity, please feel free to contact us.  

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