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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:20

Kurita HT Co., Ltd.

Our task is to maximize the potential of metals so as to meet clients' needs. 

We are a manufacturer that performs heat treatment and processing of forged or cast steel products. We produce bearing parts including those for Shinkansen Bullet Trains, aircraft, and wind power generators, and extra-large parts for industrial machines or construction equipment. By utilizing cutting-edge eco-friendly equipment, we maximize the potential of steel so as to meet clients' needs.

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Description of business
-Promoting resources development and infrastructure development on a global scale: Construction equipment, mining machinery, and joints for oil-well steel pipes
-Promoting the utilization of natural energy to protect the global environment: Wind power generators and water power generators
-Transport and logistics networks for linking people and things all over the world: Aircraft, vessels, and high-speed railways 
In order to maximize the characteristics of "steel", we carry out "heat treatment" on the raw material of the forged or cast steel products used for the above machines, parts, and transportation means, an unexciting but important process.
Strengths of our company
Spheroidizing, stress-relief annealing, and normalizing of large-sized parts (W 2,800 x L 5,200 x H 1,200, or up to φ3,200 x H 1,000)
Capable of hardening and tempering large-sized rings (outer diameter φ3,200 or larger, inside diameter φ1,000 x H 600)

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