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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:04

Nanocoat TS corp.

Hard thin film coating for improving the durability of precision metal molds and sliding parts

On a contract basis, we perform eco-friendly dry coating. A fusion between the progressive thin film technology of HEF Durferrit, a French company, and the detailed and extensive experience of Japanese manufacturing leads to the provision of high-quality products in short delivery deadlines. In addition, since we are equipped with a tribology laboratory, we are able to support clients in various ways. For example, we can assist clients in solving issues related to frictional wear as well as film-related troubles and selecting the optimum surface reforming.

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As for DLC, we are entering the era of hybrid + (plus)!
Contract-based coating
In addition to the next-generation plasma CVD as well as low-temperature arc-vapor deposition technology that are developed by the French-based HEF-Durferrit group, and to hybrid processes fused with sputtering technologies, a fusion between progressive thin film technology and the detailed and extensive experience of Japanese manufacturing leads to the provision of high-quality products in short delivery deadlines.    

The hybrid + technology does not consider a hard thin film as merely a film. Rather, it considers that each of the ground layer, middle layer, and outermost surface has an important role. Based on this consideration, we are able to form the optimum film structure to meet clients' requirements.

<Merits of the hybrid + processing>
- Excellent adhesion after processing at low temperatures
Since the processing can be done at a temperature of up to 200ºC, coating can be done on metals such as SUJ steel, SCM cemented steel, SKS steel, and aluminum alloys, without degrading the hardness of the base material.   
- High-precision coating can be done.
Based on the sputtering technology that has actually been applied to semiconductor processes, the hybrid + processing achieves excellent film thickness precision and film thickness reproducibility. Therefore, the processing method can be applied to precision parts and metal molds with a strict eccentricity tolerance.
Contract-based analysis service
By utilizing our thin film evaluation and surface physical property evaluation testing equipment, we provide services for measuring or analyzing conditions such as the cleanliness of metal surfaces and the thickness, adhesion, as well as tribology characteristics of thin films, on a contract basis. Based on many years of experience, we provide not only data, but also advice for solving industrial issues. 
<Main items that we analyze on a contract basis>
- Surface cleanliness
- Work functions on metal surfaces
- Charging characteristics on surfaces
- Adhesion of thin films
- Coating thickness of thin films
Surface cleanliness measurement device: Corona Surf
Due to corona discharge, electric charges are caused on the surface of a solid body. The electric charges cause changes in surface potential which are measured by a non-contact method (the vibration volumetric method/kelvin probe method). The measurement leads to a quantitative evaluation of dirtiness of the surface of the base material of metal and other materials.
Since the measurement is completed in several minutes, it can be used for not only the development of cleaning processes, but also the management of cleanliness on part surfaces in production lines. 
Since surface potential decay curves depend on the electrical characteristics and thickness of thin films, they can be used for managing the thickness of insulator films, the thickness of oxidation layers on metal surfaces, and the quality of DLC films.

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