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We excel at maintaining the engines and renewing the parts of generators and construction machines for conserving social infrastructure. We also excel at fusion machining, which is indispensable for making basic materials resistant to wear and corrosion, insulating them electrically, and repairing their wearable parts, and at polishing and grinding metals, ceramics, and other materials.

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Maintaining engines and renewing engine parts
- Maintaining engines
We perform quick and appropriate maintenance on an integrated line for disassembly, cleaning, measurement and inspection, machining, assembly, and test runs.
Inspection, machining, assembly, and all other processes are made efficient by our in-house maintenance work. 
We work to minimize lead times and produce cost value to satisfy our customers. We also satisfy needs for load tests for up to 1,000 kW.

We also speedily satisfy needs for periodic checks and site overhauls and the like. We have experience in maintaining gas engines and diesel engines, for which we are highly regarded.

- Renewing engine parts
We handle orders for renewing engine parts, such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankshafts, fuel injection pumps, and turbochargers.
Thermal spraying
We have been engaged in thermal spraying since its very early days. This special machining technology is indispensable to making basic materials resistant to wear and to corrosion, electrically insulating them, and repairing the wearable parts. We make use of our wealth of experience and track record to perform processing with various thermal spraying methods according to the application and purpose.

Advantages of thermal spraying
Thermal spraying enjoys the following advantages over other surface modification methods.
- Capable of forming film on materials of any material
- Can be applied to many materials
- Has no limits to base dimensions, with the possibility to install limited parts
- Undergoes extremely small strain due to thermal spraying heat
- Has an extremely high film-forming velocity

We satisfy needs for:
- Plasma spray (plasma spraying) 
- Arc spray (wire spraying)
- High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) spray (fast frame spraying)
- Thermo spray (gun frame spraying)
Polishing and grinding
We can handle a wide variety of processing methods ranging from normal metal grinding to mirror-polishing films of ceramics or carbide-sprayed material. Our strength lies in our total manufacturing system from thermal spraying to polishing to grinding.

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