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Choose Ueda Plating for precision plating for our quality and technical capability

We provide highly functional and highly accurate plating with consistent quality. We offer consultations for everything from plating to trial and mass production.

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Our strengths
In-house production of all lines
 As a matter of principle, we have designed all the mass production equipment and prototype equipment that we use in-house, and so far, our in-house production system of automatic plating equipment has more than 20 lines. By designing, assembling, and maintaining all lines in-house, we can offer three types of value to our customers.
[1. Stable quality]
 To achieve consistent quality, we place special emphasis on the maintenance of our production lines. Parts and equipment used to make a device are listed during the in-house design process, enabling quick responses to failures or when replacements are needed. As the equipment was designed by the assembler, even if unexpected equipment trouble occurs, immediate and permanent measures can be swiftly implemented.
[2. Rapid line startup]
 As all the equipment for trial manufacturing was also developed in-house, the transition from prototype to mass production can be executed extremely smoothly when launching new businesses. Furthermore, as it is easy to identify problems during prototype production that uses mass production equipment, preventing problems during mass production is possible to a great extent.
[3. Excellent cost value]
 It is possible to set up mass production equipment with quick delivery times at lower cost than is possible with third-party equipment. We are particularly happy to support our customers as they launch new products and support sudden increases in production.
Complete development support system with abundant inspection/testing equipment
 We have set up a “Technology Development Center” at our main factory to respond to customer needs as they become increasingly complex and diversify day by day in areas such as the sophistication of parts, use of new materials, and increased environmental friendliness and to realize the development of products that are ahead of their time.
 As the entire floor is dedicated to technological development, trial manufacturing and experiments can be performed more efficiently and on a larger scale. It also makes it possible to prepare various analyzers in advance, quickly verify the results of prototypes and experiments, and provide rapid feedback. In addition, as the design and production departments of our plating facility are also based at this center, we have a complete system to support development by taking such steps as modifying experimental equipment as needed.
Stable production through stable quality
 We aim for thorough quality control. Therefore, in addition to setting up a clean room, we use a wide range of inspection equipment to inspect the quality of the products produced in multiple phases to provide consistent quality control.
 We are constantly examining the effectiveness of testing equipment and actively introducing new items to enable use to respond to ever-increasing demands and diversifying evaluation items. All our employees thoroughly understand that a high-quality and stable production system is an essential part of building customers’ trust.

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