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Using craftsmanship to create high-quality aluminum alloy castings

We mainly offer sand casting, such as flan self-hardening sand casting and F1 molding, and high-mix low-volume aluminum casting for small and large items.


Sales Pitch

Company characteristics
Self-hardening sand casts
There are certain technologies that we can only offer thanks to our first-class casting technicians. We also use the wisdom and experience that we have cultivated for over 50 years.
 At Hashimoto Alloy, we apply these two strengths in our craftsmanship when making Franc self-hardening sand molds. We also offer repeat production in lots of between one and a hundred items and offer trial manufacturing for single items.
 We can handle product weights from 1 kg to 70 kg. Within this range, we specialize in small and medium items with weights from 5 to 50 kg.
Small lot repeat production using F1 molding
Repeat production of lots of between 1 and 500 units  
 Capable of supporting product weights from several tens of g to 5 kg.
 Suitable for relatively simple shapes and small items.
 Product size is length 300 x width 300 x height 100 (depending on shape)
Relatively low die cost and fast startup speed
A thorough process that creates quality
There are many varied processes involved before aluminum foundry can be completed. At Hashimoto Alloy, we have a “strong preference” for each process, and we carefully manage each process with standards and important points.

 We are all working together, conscious that we are “creating quality in each process, not producing defective products, and not letting defects pass on to the next process.”

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