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A precision processing manufacturer with an in-depth knowledge of casting

Defect-free casting: TANIDA's unique differential pressure casting process can significantly reduce casting defects such as cast holes, pinholes, and imperfect melting areas. Our technology enables us to offer casting for products that would otherwise be difficult to produce using casting owing to their required quality level or shape. We have also been working with magnesium alloys since 2008.

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Magnesium alloy
Magnesium casting has a low specific weight, which is 1/5 that of iron and 2/3 that of aluminum casting, and it has excellent corrosion resistance, making it a widely used casting material. Although it is a metal, it has a specific weight that approaches that of CFRP.
However, owing to the high levels of activity required, sand casting can only be conducted by a limited number of companies that have the appropriate environment and equipment.

TANIDA is one such company.

List of magnesium alloys that can be cast instantly:
AZ91,  ZE41, -and EV31
Casting in other major JIS/ASTM standard materials is also supported.
Differential pressure casting process
TANIDA has many years of achievements in the development of differential pressure casting processes. Our differential pressure casting process is compatible with aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys and enables sand casting with significantly reduced casting defects.
The castings produced by this special casting method exhibit the features of high fatigue strength and airtightness, although postprocessing such as HIP treatment is not required. This is an unprecedented breakthrough casting process, and it is also suitable for casting thin and complex shapes. 
3D printers
Sand casting usually requires a wooden mold (resin mold) to make the sand mold.
However, there is not always enough time to make a wooden pattern for projects with extremely quick delivery. TANIDA’s solution is to make the sand mold without using a wooden mold. This is what we can do to achieve extreme quick delivery.
TANIDA is pursuing this goal.
High-speed simultaneous five-axis machining
TANIDA specializes in the processing of castings and offers the most advanced processing technology in Japan.
Furthermore, to support ultrashort delivery times, we can perform rough work that reduces the time needed to produce wooden patterns by shaving the block into the shape required for a product order.
TANIDA is growing due to the popularity of our processing with quick delivery.

Facility name
Features	6Ti/1, H30i/2, MAM72-63V/4
Yasda Precision Tools and Matsuura Machinery Corporation
High-speed rotating spindle for specialized aluminum processing

Large machining centers
Specialized in titanium/aluminum alloy aircraft parts

Facility name: T1 (vertical 5-axis MC) 1 unit
Manufacturer: Makino 
Size: Spindle movement (1500 x 1300 x 2000 mm)
         Pallet size (1000 x 1000 mm)

Facility name: a82 (horizontal MC) 2 units
Manufacturer: Makino 
Size: Spindle movement (1100 x 820 x 1020 mm)

         Pallet size (630 x 630 mm)

Facility name: a81nx (horizontal MC) 1 unit
Manufacturer: Makino 
Size: Spindle movement (900 x 900 x 1020 mm)

         Pallet size (630 x 630 mm)

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