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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:18

Nagashima Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.

Plastic forming with high dimensional accuracy

We perform plastic forming by utilizing the characteristics of stainless steel. Plastic forming is a processing technology in which external force is applied to an object by means of a press machine or the like to change the shape of the object. When a difficult-to-cut material is processed, it tends to have wrinkles or cracks. Therefore, it is difficult to greatly change the shape of the object. We have original technologies related to plastic forming such as press working, bending, and bulging, which enable stable plastic forming.

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We were the first to obtain the JIS certification "JIS B 2309" in Japan, ahead of rival companies.
During the production of an elbow, the curved part on the back tends to be crushed, and the most difficult technique is said to be the maintenance of the roundness of the curved part. The elbows whose cross sections are round wherever they are cut are the "products of NAGASHIMA MANUFACTURING Co., Ltd." Regarding our line of original products, tiny joints, the sizes thereof are 13 Su or larger. The necked elbows that conform to small-diameter size standards (20 and 25 Su) are the products that only our company is offering.
Tees are T-shaped pipe joints. We have developed tees made of not only stainless steel, but also titanium. We offer tees with various sizes. The production of tees with irregular sizes can be discussed.    
When feed-water inlets are installed to a water pipe in order, water pressure decreases in accordance with the distance from the root of the water pipe. 
To prevent this phenomenon, reducers are used to reduce the size of the water pipe to maintain the water pressure. 
Conversely, when pumping power is large, reducers can be used to increase the size of the water pipe to control water pressure. 
The reducers can be used to respond to gradual changes in diameters of tubular structures.    

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