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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:22:02


We are a new group of semi-automatic arc welding

We make full use of 3D CAD to manufacture, design, cut, weld, and machine process and assemble heavy and long products. We have introduced new pieces of high technology in rapid succession such as industrial robots and computers and have expanded our specialized areas to include design, sheet metal processing, welding processing, machine processing, and press machine assembly in addition to our regular fusion cutting. We have also started working on the smooth and stable supply of steel materials.

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TOWA’s secrets in monozukuri craftsmanship
Providing high-value-added products
As a development-oriented metalworking specialist, we are expanding our operations into shipbuilding and construction-related operations and are participating in large-scale projects.
Please contact us not only for fusion cutting but also for design, sheet metal processing, welding processing, machining, and press machine assembly.
TOWA prides itself on its outstanding design capability, which is directly connected to its manufacturing department. We employ talented career specialists, and we are quick to share data over the internet and make 3D models of design drawings. We are dedicated to the production of products that provide great satisfaction to our customers.
Production technology/3D
“Monozukuri craftsmanship” that transforms 2D drawings into 3D. This is the secret of TOWA. TOWA introduced a 3D system before other companies. We are promoting monozukuri craftsmanship by converting the product plans that our customers want into computerized 3D models. This 3D system dramatically improves work accuracy and efficiency. For example, we have achieved a feat of an error of only a few millimeters compared to a tolerance of 100 millimeters in the production of products with a total length of 17 meters. We produce tougher, more accurate, and higher quality products than anywhere else.
TOWA's technology that can comfortably handle “heavy/thick/long/big”
Kiri-ita (board cutting)
Cutting thick steel plates of 510 mm. TOWA, which started in the fusion cutting of thick materials, created this technology. In our fusion cutting system, we have adopted a new computer-operated machine that achieves outstanding productivity and high cost performance.
We support a wide range of thicknesses from 3.2 mm to 500 mm.
TOWA has achieved the automation of monozukuri craftsmanship in the production of individual items using a tandem welding robot that utilizes offline teaching based on 3D CAD data. Combining state-of-the-art techniques and state-of-the-art equipment enables highly accurate and highly efficient monozukuri craftsmanship that is unique to TOWA.

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