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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:22:02

Shin'yo Engineering Co., Ltd.

“Technology is created from dreams and challenges, trust, and value are created by technology”

 As a wear-resistance consulting and engineering company, we conduct a wide range of business from construction machinery and industrial machinery to petrochemicals and the environment and from materials to products and technical services.
 We combine various technologies, products, and expertise to provide optimal solutions that make our customers' dreams a reality.

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Shin’yo Engineering’s solutions for realizing customers’ dreams
[Hardfacing Department] Creating new possibilities for base materials
 We have an excellent reputation for surface modification technology because we are able to provide consistent quality by performing overlay welding using the latest semiconductor lasers and PTA overlay welding with robots. We are also focused on developing new materials using our welding equipment and accumulated surface modification technology, and we are able to contribute to cost reduction and the extension of component life through our proposals for new materials that can meet user requirements.
 In particular, we specialize in the surface modification (heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance overlay) of various parts used in environments with harsh conditions, such as the petrochemical and nuclear sectors, and we also offer direct delivery to domestic and overseas plants.
[Special Welding Technology Division] Dissimilar metal welding and sheet-metal manufacturing for large gears
 Utilizing the expertise cultivated in the special welding field, we have adopted can-making welding for sheet metal presses in automobile body lines and large reduction gears. Using a high-strength material on the tooth surface enables us to process large gears with higher accuracy, higher durability, and lower weight than cast steel gears.
[Environmental Equipment Department]     Contributing to recycling
 To build a recycling-based society, environmental equipment such as volume-reduction compression-molding machines that smoothly process and recycle industrial waste such as paper, wood, and plastic are essential. We have positioned the development of this environmental equipment at the center of our business.
 In addition, we have self-developed a hybrid blade for use as a highly durable industrial blade for crushers.
[New technologies/new material development department] Developing new technology using integrating accumulated internal and external technologies
 When developing a new product or new technology, we begin by building an accurate understanding of the needs of our customers. We actively apply the technologies we have accumulated in-house to solving customer issues, introducing new equipment, and introducing new technologies domestically and overseas. The results of these efforts have provided us with a steady stream of new technologies.
Laser cladding
Installation on turbine blades
 With a beam that goes down to a minimum of 1 mm, it is even possible to overlay thin and thin-base materials. We support complex 3D shapes!!

Abrasion-resistant industrial blades made using laser surface modification
 Abrasion resistance and impact resistance are important physical properties for industrial blades that are exposed to severe wear environments. This product is a blade for industrial uses that offers particularly high wear resistance owing to a laser cladding method in which ceramic particles, which are much harder than metal, are applied in high densities around the blade edge. Furthermore, selecting appropriate materials for the metal matrix in the overlay makes it able to be used in environments that require impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

Ceramic particle composite laser overlay
[What is a ceramic particle composite laser overlay?]
 A composite welding method in which ceramic particles are not melted to maintain the shape of the particles. The inside of the composite layer is processed using a laser that can weld at a lower temperature range than conventional welding methods would permit.
 (1) Ceramic particles and metal matrices can be selected according to the application and purpose
 (2) As the ceramic particles are not welded, it is possible to create a composite layer that has the physical properties of both the ceramic and the metal.
New material development
[Development of overlay material SNW-850P (Patent No. 5632358)]
 This is a material that exhibits better high-temperature hardness than Tribaloy T800 and is used in plant parts that operate at high temperatures (800°C) in oil refining and petrochemical plants. We have succeeded in stabilizing and increasing the high temperature hardness by adding Cr and Mo to Tribaloy T800, which causes uneven hardness due to the variation in intermetallic compounds.

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