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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:04

SATO. Co., Ltd.

Please entrust us with tasks such as the welding/can-making of machine tool parts and the production as well as painting of truck beds. 

We have two departments: The Sheet-Metal Welding Business and the Truck Bed Customization Business. 
As for the welding/can-making, we delightedly produce prototype frames and perform high-mix low-volume production. 
As for the production of truck beds, we custom-make those that will meet clients' requirements.

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Welding, can-making, and producing truck beds
Welding and can-making machine tools
We are good at molding machine tool frames from die steel (square pipes, angles, or channels).
As for steel materials, we mainly process steel. However, we are able to process stainless steel and aluminum as well. 
Our strength lies in the fact that each of our workers can make holes and perform bending as well as welding. We do not use the assembly line system; rather, each worker is responsible for the processes from material procurement to welding completion by referring to drawings and specifications. 
Please entrust us with fine hole making and tapping because we are good at pre-welding processes. 
The crane installed in our factory can hoist objects up to 5 t.  
We have a machining center with five-face machining equipment, the bed size of which is as follows: (X) 1,500 X (Y) 5,000 X (Z) 800. In our company, we are able to perform processes ending with machining in an integrated fashion.
Producing truck beds
We are good at producing truck beds without a roof which are called flat bodies. Furthermore, we are able to produce scrap car tow trucks, fishing net trucks, construction equipment trucks, and accordion trucks. 
By having detailed discussions with truck dealers and transportation companies, we produce truck beds that meet their requirements. 
By utilizing our techniques of producing machine tool parts, we are able to produce products such as tool boxes, the sizes of which are not standard, and install the products to clients' vehicles. 
Spray painting in a painting booth for large vehicles
We are fully equipped with a painting booth for large vehicles the inside dimensions of which are as follows: (L) 18,000 X (W) 6,000 X (H) 5,000. Since the booth is equipped with a drying function which can increase the booth temperature to 60ºC, it can swiftly dry the truck. 
Please entrust us with the painting of truck cabins, bodies, and chassis.
Furthermore, we are able to perform spray painting on machine tool parts. Please feel free to contact us.

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