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Iron and steel/Machine tool trading company. We sell common steel, special steel, cold finished steel bars and nonferrous metals (cutting/processing), as well as machine tools. 

We conduct everything from material procurement and processing to delivery in-house for our steel business. We are capable of 3D processing in our high-precision sheet-metal welding, which uses 3D CAD and laser processing machines.  In our machine and tool business, we handle a diverse range of products including measuring tools, polishing agents and other general tools, electric/pneumatic tools, and particularly, cutting tools.  In addition, we offer total support for realizing automation, labor saving and optimization. 

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Steel business
We are equipped with FG-CAD CAM system and 3D CAD, and are capable of highly precise 3D processing.
We can accommodate normally troublesome processing, processing complex shapes, and notching that can be adjusted the shape of the bonded parts.  Furthermore, we can feed the 2D CAD and 3D CAD drawings that are supplied by our customers into our laser processing machines and achieve cost reduction. 
At our steel division, we have staff who are capable of offering proposals that cover everything from materials to processing based on CAD drawings. 
Construction business
We support the "quality/deadline/cost" requirements of your production through our proposal-based business. 
We detect changes in time quickly and conduct proposal-based business that offers proposals for products that are suitable for each customer and for ways to improve production issues. 
Moreover, we offer support in diverse facilities including machines, devices and special equipment. 
Furthermore, we accommodate our customers' requests with our richly stocked inventory of diverse merchandise, including measuring tools, polishing agents and tools, work tools, electric/pneumatic tools, chemical products, welding wires, and particularly cutting tools such drills, taps and end mills in various sizes, inserts and standards. 
In addition, we have specialized staff who are certified by various manufacturers, enabling us to offer more detailed proposals for facility support, including machine tools, sheet-metal machines and robot systems. 
Machine System business
Through a collaboration between our company and a system integrator, we are able to offer total accommodation of robot systems, from design, manufacturing, and test operation to launching.  We accommodate needs for labor and manhour saving, and propose various systems.
Our specialized staff work on the customization of production facilities and the development of inline devices.  While we work mainly in the three prefectures of the Hokuriku region, we can also accommodate requests from other prefectures. 
We are certified to conduct our mechanical equipment installation business. This means that we can offer perfect support in equipment installation, from design to placement. 
We conduct maintenance and inspection of robots at our technical center.
Furthermore, we can accommodate diverse requests from our customers, such as robot operation training using our company’s demo machines or welding tests with workpiece samples that are provided by our customers. 

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