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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:23


Performing turning process to produce parts of machine tools and construction machinery  

By performing turning process, we produce parts of machine tools and construction machinery. We have introduced various automatic control machines (NC/MC) and other equipment and improved our technique levels to produce products that are not merely parts, but selected by clients. We perform processes ranging from procuring materials to producing finished products (sub assembling, for some products). The processes include heat treatment and surface treatment.
We have a small number of selected and highly skilled workers. Under this system, we, a company which performs high-mix low-volume production and difficult tasks, will contribute to clients by utilizing the "manufacturing technologies" that we have so far accumulated. 

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Description of business
Moving forward to creative "manufacturing"
Veteran operators can finish the production of a part, whose specifications are exactly the same as those specified in the plane figure, within the working hours designated, by referring only to the plane figure. However, in order to achieve this level, the operators are required to have considerable experience, intuition, and sensitivity. Now is the era in which time and high quality are important elements above all. In order to put high-quality products out into the world in a short period, all the employees of HOKKEN SEIKI, Inc. constantly think and make progress, and they would like to eagerly contribute to further progress and growth of the industry and the areas around our company.
Manufacturing site
We produce products that are used worldwide. We are proud that our products are used by clients. These encourage us to engage in "manufacturing" in a responsible manner. The environment (equipment and tools) which allows progress to be made each day is required, but we also have the best tool of all, "genuine technology", which is superior to the environment. Under the slogan of "no impossibility", we overcome difficulties.
In-house education system
We have a resident staff worker who retired from our company but is dedicated to giving guidance to other workers. As a result, they can learn techniques and knowledge while working. In addition, we invite external instructors, who conduct training for our workers, and provide on-the-job training in our company so as to develop human resources and reinforce our organization for our future.

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