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We produce a top brand of slewing bearings for construction and industrial machinery that is trusted and used all over the world.

DOHI boasts the largest share of the world market for slewing bearings with an outer diameter of 1,200 mm or less. We offer a fully integrated system that covers everything from planning/design to production.
Accumulating more than half a century of experience and making full use of advanced technology has enabled us to provide high-performance products that can be used with confidence on a long-term basis. We are proud to be top leaders that are able to offer high precision and durability.

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Slewing bearings
A toughened structure that is capable of withstanding thrust loads, radial loads, and bending moment.
Each bearing can support loads in multiple directions, which makes it possible to reduce the size of the machinery and structure.
High gear accuracy and high orbit accuracy are made possible through grinding, enabling smooth and accurate operation of machinery.
Long life is realized by carefully selecting and heat treating reliable materials and through induction hardening of the teeth and tracks.
From equipment for construction and industrial machines such as mini excavators, truck cranes, and aerial platforms to equipment used in the medical field, such as CT scanners.
We support modern living in places in which trusted DOHI products cannot be seen.
Internal tooth slewing bearings
External tooth slewing bearings
Helical gear type bearings
Reasons behind the realization of high-quality manufacturing
We have staff with highly advanced skills in addition to our state-of-the-art equipment and quality management systems.
A large number of highly skilled and qualified workers are assigned to all processes.
We are proud to introduce high quality products to the world one after another using the manufacturing process that we have developed at DOHI,
Logistics-system related equipment
This is another specialty of DOHI in addition to our slewing bearing. We provide a variety of system related equipment.
With the expertise of machine development and production line construction that we have gained through many years of manufacturing experience,
we offer design, manufacture, inspection, and shipping for a variety of devices that improve the efficiency of logistics.
[The secrets of quality control]
The best balance of “quality /lead-time/price” achieved through strict quality control
Improving technological capabilities is not the only thing that DOHI strives for. How can we consistently supply high-quality products?
Our whole company has worked for many years with this idea in mind to realize our thorough quality management system.
From administration and management to sales, development, and manufacturing.
DOHI uses an original quality management system that was created through a combined, company-wide creative effort that involved repeated trial and error. With a sophisticated system that eliminates waste and unnecessary refining, DOHI has achieved an optimal balance between quality, delivery time and price, keeping costs down while maintaining high quality and shorter delivery times.

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