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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:22:00

Takeuchi Haguruma seisakusho Co., Ltd. 

Gear manufacturing and gear cutting, machine processing by machining center, and gun drill deep hole processing

Gears up to module eight can be processed with outer diameters of up to approximately Φ450. We offer not only iron-based materials but also a wide range of other materials, such as resin and PVC. We mainly use horizontal machining centers in our machine processing of cast iron and aluminum castings. We can handle everything from single items to processing for mass production.


Sales Pitch

Parts for machine tools, textile machines, agricultural machines, medical equipment, and food machines
We specialize in the processing of cast iron and aluminum castings, mainly using horizontal machining centers, and we offer mass production processing in lots of around 20–100 items. We can also process single items.
Gear manufacturing
We can produce in volumes ranging from one single item to mass production of several hundreds.
Up to module 8 can be processed, and the outer diameter can be up to approximately Φ450. Flat gears, sprocket gears, worm gears, worm wheels, pinion gears, helical gears, and involute splines.
Deep hole drilling
Drilling deep holes from Φ5 to 24 can be done using gun drill.

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