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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:59

TAGAMI EX. co.,ltd.

We are a solutions partner for production equipment including construction equipment, machine tools, and industrial machinery

We are also engaged in the joint development of niche products in collaboration with major manufacturers and OEM for products with technical specifications using our integrated production system that covers everything, including development, design, sheet metal, machining, and the finished product assembly inspections. We take pride in being one of the leading producers of large-scale machining equipment and large sheet-metal welding technology in our prefecture, and we strive to make full use of our technology, equipment, and motivation to be a machine manufacturer that is able to contribute to society through our finished products.

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Tagami EX’s strengths and products lineup
Tagami EX’s strengths
We offer an integrated production system and quality assurance from design to manufacture
We have five specialized factories, and our thorough quality control ensures consistency in everything from development and design to sheet metal processing, machining, and assembly. Performing all processes in-house enables us to offer faster production with increased functionality, and provide high-quality products that meet our customers' requirements. This integrated production system and our thorough quality control are our greatest strengths when it comes to ensuring high quality.
Contributing through direct delivery lines
Our unique production management system can be used for both mass-produced and made-to-order products and can deliver high-quality finished parts directly to the customer's production line, saving process waste and increasing production efficiency.
Contributing to improvements in productivity and the work environment
The most distinctive feature of the “HORNET” fully automatic one-sided spot welding machine is its exceptional welding speed. The required work time is reduced to less than half that of conventional machines, which improves our customers’ productivity. It also contributes to space saving. The “Bimaster RAM700” heavy-duty handling robot can be said to be an all-purpose machine that improves work efficiency and the environment and handles everything from heavy to light objects. Many customers also make use of our “sheet loader,” which is indispensable for automation in sheet metal factories and contributes greatly to productivity improvements.
Product lineup
Sheet metal machine
Sheet loader and sheet cut
 Extremely easy operation/Improved production efficiency: A user-friendly scheduler (production control) enables unattended operation at night
Enhanced functions: loader and unloader functions can be added to the stocker, and a micro joint separation system can be added.
Improved safety and reliability: safety fence equipment with various sensors installed
Pallet changer for laser processing machine, work follower (swing robot), press brake, shearing machine, plasma processing machine, gatling pressing center, and press brake molding
Industrial machines/machine tools
Pallet stocker transfer device (pallet changer)
A pallet changer for large machining centers. This is one of the specialties of Tagami EX.
Destack feeder, coil line, moving bolster assembly, pallet pool system, and automatic pallet changer
Construction machines
Disassembly attachment, bulldozer truck frame assembly, WA front frame, wheel loader boom assembly, and self-propelled conveyor
Dedicated machine/specialized machine/others
HORNET fully automatic one sided spot welder
Welding with a high degree of freedom can be performed without being affected by the shape of the target workpiece or the interference of jigs through one-side welding
High-speed welding at 1.5 s per spot and welding of 2.3-mm thick plates can be performed by combining a high-rigidity frame with a special power source.
A combination of servo motor pressurization and load cells enables all-point pressure compensation.
Compared to conventional robots, the area occupied by equipment is smaller and the layout can be changed easily.
Heavy object handling/manipulation: pipe bypass system vacuum unit, pillar set positioners, and rotor subassemblies for land-mine clearance
Environmental machinery/environmental business
Environmental machine
Drum chipper
Powerful processing capacity/achieved stable production/easy maintenance/safety /single operations possible/flexible system proposals
Wood crusher (BR80T), secondary wood crusher, bedding crusher, biaxial shearing machine, self-propelled wood crusher Hammer mill tab ASSY, self-propelled soil improvement machine feeder mixing ASSY, tree crusher (chipper) Shredder), conveyor ASSY, and self-propelled crusher frame
Environmental business
E~MIZU H2 hydrogen water server 
Mamoru Mizu electrolytic water hygiene environmental system 
MAGIC BIO KUN food resources recycling equipment
FINEAQUA fine bubble generator

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