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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:50

Daiwa Co., Ltd. 

Specialists in “construction machines and hydraulic cylinders”

We are a specialized manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for construction machinery. We are able to meet a wide range of hydraulic equipment needs, including construction machinery, industrial machinery, machine tools, and special vehicles. We are currently using the techniques that we have cultivated in cylinder manufacturing to develop new products that include hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic expansion pins, and fastening cylinders.

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Our company’s history is Japan’s history of “construction machinery and hydraulic cylinders”
Hydraulic cylinders
From small to super-large

Power shovels, bulldozers, and wheel loaders
We manufacture hydraulic cylinders for construction machinery.
We are able to fulfil a wide variety of orders from small items with a rod diameter of 20 mm, including flan type, trunnion type, and light load type, to large items with a rod diameter of 140 mm and a stroke length of 2,000 mm.
We also handle hydraulic cylinders for special vehicles, in addition to construction machinery.
Hydraulic accumulator
“Piston type accumulator” that contributes to energy saving and noise reduction

An accumulator is a component that functions as a shock absorber to absorb the shock generated by the operation of mechanical equipment by utilizing compressed gas hydraulic pressure.
This is used as a device that absorbs the pulsation and impact pressure found in pressurized oil hydraulic systems.
In manufacturing, we strictly adhere to our manufacturing standards, which are based on the High Pressure Gas Safety Act.
Applied products
Application development of cylinder forging technology

We are laterally developing the sealing, surface processing, and strength assurance technologies that we have cultivated in cylinder forging.
We are rising to the challenge of new fields such as peripheral equipment for construction machinery and jig cylinders.

 Hydraulic expansion pin (frame joint for construction machine)
 Fastening cylinder

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