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Latest update: 06/04/2023 16:20:40

Sumizawa Tekkou Co., Ltd.

High-quality monozukuri craftsmanship created with speed, technology, and judgment

Making full use of high-performance compound lathes, we manufacture parts for construction machines, machine tools, food production machines, and industrial machines. We offer integrated support, from material procurement to machining, heat treatment, and surface treatment. Besides pursuing quality and price, we strive to shorten delivery times by making the most of our knowledge and know-how.

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Strengths of Sumizawa Tekkou
A stable management base and future potential
We believe our strengths at Sumizawa Tekkou are our ability to accurately grasp what customers need and what is valuable to them, and to quickly respond to their expectations with our advanced technological capabilities and production capabilities.
Therefore, we add new equipment almost every year, mainly for multifunction machines and automatic machines.
Recently we have introduced a high-performance compound lathe to consolidate processes and achieve quick delivery, low costs, and high quality.
We also opened a second factory specialized for automation in February 2018, which has significantly increased production capacity and reduced costs.
A company that continues to grow
Sumizawa Tekkou continues to grow as a company thanks to the young average age of its employees and the momentum of its people and achievements. We continue to improve our production capacity by taking on the challenge of new proposals and new processes with our employees, who are earnestly engaged in monozukuri craftsmanship and have a strong will to improve.
In order for our company to grow, we are also focusing on capital investment to improve productivity and quality. No matter how wonderful equipment is,  it must ultimately be used by people. Another strength of our company is that we have many employees who have a "can-do spirit" that enables them to try new things, and who always want to undertake challenges to step up to the next level.
Products and technology
We constantly strive to improve our technology and quality, in order to meet the demands of our customers.
[Specialty Processing]
Short delivery of mass-produced goods through automation and cost reduction (lot number 50 to 5,000 pieces)
Micromachining (achieving high quality and short delivery times by consolidating processes)
Stainless steel processing
Form rolling processing, various screw processing, knurl processing (flat, crossed)
 At the time of our founding, the company specialized in form rolling (metric threads), and our main products were mass-produced shafts.
 Even now, we excel at processing various types of threads (metric threads, pipe threads, unified threads, etc.).
Processing of long objects (diameter φ8 to φ40, total length up to 1,800 mm)
Diagonal grooving of end face O-rings
Eccentric processing

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