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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:53

Komatsu Kikai

We handle various needs from machining to assembly and painting

We are a manufacturer of processed mechanical parts used in construction machinery, transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, and the railroad business. We provide integrated services from welding to painting, assembly, and packaging.

We have a track record of supplying parts to many manufacturers regardless of the industry, and can meet your requirements with reliable quality and lead times.

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Examples of products
We manufacture components for a wide range of industries, from construction and transportation machinery to agricultural machinery and the railroad business.

Our products range from small parts of about 100 mm to large parts of over 2000 mm, as well as assembly products consisting of multiple components.

Here are some examples of the parts we supply.

[Construction machinery related products]

Various types of construction machinery are used in resource development and social infrastructure development sites around the world.

We are responsible for supplying parts with important functions, such as transmission parts, which can be called the heart of such construction machinery, and final reduction gears, which are the driving units.

[Transportation and conveyance equipment related products]

We offer conveyance and transportation equipment supporting logistics and cargo handling operations in all industries, including warehouses and ports.

Our products are used in the undercarriage parts and braking devices of such transportation and conveyance equipment, as well as attachment parts for special operations.

[Products related to other industries]

We supply parts to a wide range of industries, including passenger vehicles such as buses and trains, industrial pumps, agricultural machinery, and bearing parts.

Without being bound by industry boundaries, we make proposals to a wide range of customers for supplying high-quality and reasonably priced parts.
Our strengths
[Machining of irregularly shaped and eccentric parts]

Irregularly shaped (non-circular) parts and eccentric parts are not suitable for mass production because it is difficult to ensure accuracy and the machining speed is slow with general lathing.

We are able to perform high-precision, high-efficiency machining of irregularly shaped and eccentric parts by making use of our special machining equipment and technological capabilities.

We also have know-how about the quality control of welded parts, so we can handle machining of welded structural parts consisting of multiple parts.

[Machining large-diameter and thin-walled ring-shaped parts]

Ring-shaped parts, which are thin in thickness compared to their outer diameter, require strict accuracy in roundness, parallelism, and flatness due to their intended use. However, they are prone to shape changes, which gives manufacturers a hard time.

As a result of trial and error, we have succeeded in establishing a production system that can stably mass-produce thin-walled ring-shaped parts in a size range of 400 mm to 800 mm by making use of our unique know-how.

We can also tie up with our partner ring forging manufacturer to propose yield improvement and quality stabilization by switching from conventional fused materials to ring forged materials.
To buyers
We provide parts for various industrial fields, such as construction machinery, transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, and other equipment related to social infrastructure. We can handle a wide range of requests, including machining and also procurement of materials and can products, assembly, painting, and surface treatment.

We will make proposals that meet your needs if you are looking for new business partners for the purpose of cost reduction, quality improvement, lead time reduction, risk diversification, small lot support, and so on.

[Details of machining we can provide]

Lathing: Outer round grinding, grooving, front cutting, threading, burnishing, etc.
Machining: Milling, boring, drilling, and other special machining
Gear cutting: Spur gears, helical gears, racks, worms, worm wheels, etc.
Grinding: Inner diameter grinding, outer diameter grinding, flat grinding
Sheet metal welding: Thin to medium-thickness canned products
Assembly: Reduction gear assembly, braking device assembly, hydraulic device assembly
Painting: Spray painting

[Workpiece materials we can procure and machine]

General steel (SS material, carbon steel, SCM steel, etc.)
Special steel (tool steel, bearing steel, high tensile steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, etc.)
Cast steel and cast iron materials (we can handle a wide range of materials from ductile cast iron to difficult-to-machine materials)
Forging materials (different shapes, ring shapes, free forging, etc.)
To suppliers
We consider our suppliers, who support our production activities, to be our important partners.

We evaluate and select our suppliers fairly and impartially in terms of quality, price, delivery, safety, and compliance, and request continuous business with us based on a relationship of mutual trust.

We are looking forward to active proposals for new businesses, cost reduction, and the introduction of new functions and high-performance parts, including various steel materials, processed products, tools, and consumable parts.

[Items that we procure]

Materials: Various steel materials (round, flat, pipe), casting materials, forging materials
Machined parts: Machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, and other special treatments
Bulk parts: Bolts, nuts, washers, plugs, O-rings
Tools: Cutting tools, working tools, measuring tools
Oils: Coatings, cutting oil, machine oil (hydraulic oil)

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