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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:46

Kanematsu Steel Corporation.

Processing steel or alloy steel for mechanical structures, processing steel with NC lathes, and drilling round steel

We sell specified size steel as well as specified size alloy steel for mechanical structures and steel cut into the designated size. We also sell hard steel wires for cold headers and steel wires for bearings. We meet clients' needs ranging from the selling of special ferrous materials to the processing of large-sized difficult-to-machine materials.

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Description of business
Selling special round steel
We are able to carry out processes ranging from cutting materials to performing turning processes as well as gun drilling in our company. By enriching machines, equipment, and stocked materials, we are fully prepared to immediately deliver products in response to requests from clients.
Steel Material Department
Steel for mechanical structures
It is utilized as a material for key parts in various fields ranging from generally available goods to automobiles, construction machines, industrial machines, and machine tools.
Steel wires for bearings and hard steel wires for cold headers
Steel wires for bearings are mainly used as materials of bearing parts. They are employed in rotating parts of automobiles, industrial machines, transport machinery, etc. 
Hard steel wires for cold headers are steel materials mainly used for parts such as bolts of constructing machines and automobile parts.
Processing Equipment Department
We are equipped with various cutting machines including a circular saw cutting machine and highly rigid large-sized cutting machines. We are able to cut various materials including difficult-to-machine materials and super heat resistant alloys.  
Machining center with five-face machining equipment, machining centers, and planer type milling machines 
We are equipped with cutting-edge processing machines such as a machining center with five-face machining equipment. We are able to perform high precision processing.
We are equipped with lathes including large-sized ones. We are able to process various materials including formed and fabricated materials and long-sized materials to meet a wide range of needs. 

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